Flip or Flop: Exes and Business Partners Christina and Tarek Return for Season 8

Tarek and Christine- Flip or Flop HGTV

Flip or Flop will continue tracking real estate and house-flipping experts - as well as newly divorced couple - Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussas' journey as they buy, renovate, and sell SoCal properties for a profit in season 8. The hit HGTV series that has been running since 2013 is taking a turn as the newly divorced couple is now tackling the challenges of having a new family dynamic as co-parents, ex-spouses, and business partners.

After attracting more than 19 million viewers in its last run, the newest season of Flip or Flop opens with a glimpse of Christina and Tarek balancing their personal and professional lives. Each episode begins with an auction to buy a home, the fixing up process, and finding a buyer in the hopes of make a profit off of various SoCal homes. In the mix, audiences get to witness Christina and Tarek's personality influence their actions.

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Christina and Tarek, who divorced early in 2018, have already begun to start their new lives separately, with their number one priority being the co-parenting and wellbeing of their children, Taylor and Brayden. Terek recently talked about the state of their new business and co-parenting relationship, saying, “Christina and I are in a really good place right now. We’ve worked hard to keep our business strong, but our kids will always be our number 1 priority. It’s important they know we respect each other and that we only want the best for them.” Christina, who is now remarried and raising a blended family with her new husband's two children, is now expecting another child, said:

“I feel like Tarek and I have started a brand-new chapter. We may not always agree on kitchen backsplashes or floor plans, but we’re always on the same page when it comes to our kids. We’ve learned to put our differences aside, so we can give Taylor and Brayden the best and happiest life possible.”

Flip or Flop HGTV Christine

In the premiere episode, Christina and Tarek buy a rundown four-bedroom home in Rowland Heights that has a number of problems right away, including an illegal addition, sloping floors, and a noisy road nearby. However, with its ideal location, pool, and neighborhood, the business partners take a chance on the home, betting that it has huge potential for profit once they've worked their magic on it. Also, Tarek has his own spinoff show, Tarek’s Flip Side, which is a new digital series that will only be available online or through the HGTV app, which will premiere the same day as Flip or Flop. The show will offer fans a glimpse of Tarek’s personal life while he's not busy flipping houses, showcasing his life outside of work and how he spends quality time with his family and children.

Audiences who were sad to see the Flip or Flop power couple split will be glad to see Christina and Tarek back tackling nearly uninhabitable houses and not letting their personal lives get in the way of their shared business. Although it is expected that this ex-married couple will have its share of drama in the form of banter and disagreements, this duo will be working together for the greater good of raising their children and flipping houses to keep their show and their family going strong.

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Flip or Flop premieres Thursday, August 1 at 9 pm EST on HGTV.

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