Fleabag Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The cast of Fleabag are all brilliantly written and flawed individuals so we've decided to go ahead and sort them into their Hogwarts Houses.

Fleabag was an amazing comedy written by the incredibly talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge and has gone on to win several awards thanks to its witty writing and great performances from the cast. The series was extraordinarily relatable and dealt with serious topics in a way that didn't feel like it was using them purely as a source for comedy.

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Part of Fleabag's charm came from how flawed all the main characters were. Yes, they could be brilliant and kind and wonderful but they were also stubborn, selfish and narcissistic. This made them seem all the more real, and it's these personality traits that we'll be using to sort them into their various Hogwarts Houses.

10 Bus Rodent - Hufflepuff

We're starting as we mean to go on with Bus Rodent. He played one of Fleabag's potential love interests in Seasons 1 and 2 and was basically one of the men Fleabag called upon whenever she was feeling down or lonely. His awkward mannerisms meant that audiences could expect a lot of cringe humor during his appearances.

Bus Rodent was never nasty or mean, which is why we've placed him in Hufflepuff. He was always there whenever Fleabag needed company which is an excellent trait for Hufflepuffs to possess. However, he always appeared to be perpetually nervous and just a little bit of a dork.

9 Harry - Hufflepuff

Harry was Fleabag's on-again/off-again boyfriend in the first part of Season 1 before he broke up with her permanently. After that, he appeared sporadically throughout the series. Similar to Bus Rodent, Harry was a nice enough guy who was severely lacking in self-confidence.

He was sweet and really liked Fleabag but they just weren't suited for each other. He never treated her unkindly but his relationship with Fleabag didn't benefit either party. He was also quite timid and scared easily, resulting in a hilarious scene in which Fleabag, attempting to be spontaneous, pretended to stab him in the shower.

8 Martin - Slytherin

Claire's partner Martin was, to put it mildly, a total slimeball. He was irritating, selfish, and a lousy husband to boot. He always put himself first in his marriage, emotionally blackmailing Claire into staying in England and not moving to Finland.

He was also a cheater, kissing Fleabag at his and Claire's home. Obviously this was incredibly inappropriate but then he lied about it to make Fleabag look like the villain. This then put a strain on the relationship between the sisters but thankfully they got past it and Claire left Martin at the end of the series.

7 Claire - Ravenclaw

Some would argue that Claire should be placed in Gryffindor due to her putting up with her obnoxious husband for years on end. However, we've gone for Ravenclaw. Claire was generally quite a sympathetic character and she is never intentionally mean or unfriendly.

Claire's problem was that she overthought pretty much everything and was terrified of anything unpredictable happening, which usually occurred most frequently when Fleabag was around. Claire just needed to learn how to loosen up and stop trying to control everything and her blossoming relationship with Klare allowed her to do just that.

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6 Bank Manager - Gryffindor

Initially, Fleabag's Bank Manager just seemed like an unpleasant man who didn't like interacting with women or just people in general. As the series progressed though, the Bank Manager became more likable and heroic, resulting in him being the first Gryffindor on this list.

At a retreat she and Claire were staying at, Fleabag spotted the Bank Manager attending a sort of anger management course for men who had trouble being respectful towards women. When he saw her, instead of getting aggressive and confrontational, Fleabag and the Bank Manager had an honest and strangely heartfelt discussion, helping them both to realize that neither of them was irredeemable.

5 Godmother - Slytherin

The worst kind of people are those who are able to hurt others while doing so with a smile on their face. As the main antagonist of the series, Godmother definitely deserves her place in Slytherin.

Godmother's atrocities are numerous and it's difficult to know where to begin. She started making moves on Fleabag's father at his wife's funeral, she constantly put down Fleabag and even Claire on occasion and it was clear that she had no respect for their late mother. Unbelievably, she got exactly what she wanted at the end of the series but in a way, it was kind of perfect as life is also unfair.

4 Boo - Gryffindor

Boo was actually quite a difficult character to sort as she doesn't appear much in the series as she died before the premiere. However, she had such a big presence in the series that we felt we had to include her. Therefore, we've sorted Boo into Gryffindor house.

Despite the tragic nature of her demise, whenever the audience saw Boo through Fleabag's flashbacks, she was always such a positive and happy role model for the titular character. She was always there for her best friend through thick and thin and never failed to support her. While this was probably from a filtered perspective, it was clear Fleabag loved her therefore so did the viewers.

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3 Dad - Hufflepuff

Fleabag and Claire's dad was a quiet man who appeared to be very submissive. He obviously loved both of his daughters and his deceased wife very much but he could also be quite cold if they upset him. When the show first began, he was in a relationship with his daughters' Godmother but it was never really clear as to why this relationship even existed.

Dad is clearly a Hufflepuff as he means well and loves his family. However, he is easily swayed and manipulated and at one point he turned against his own daughter. He and Fleabag eventually reconciled, with him sweetly noting that she is very much like her mother.

2 The Priest - Gryffindor

There is a reason why the Priest was such a popular character and it's not just because he was incredibly good looking. He was a funny man in his own right but he was also kind and aware of the suffering of others, most notably Fleabag herself. This is what makes these two such a dynamic couple.

The Priest was also the only character in the entire series to notice Fleabag's pieces to camera (although to him, it just looked like she was zoning out). This was further proof that the two belonged together but the Priest broke things off in order to continue his relationship with God. A good Gryffindor puts other's needs above their own and that's exactly what the Priest did.

1 Fleabag - Slytherin

Honestly, Fleabag was the most difficult character to sort out of all the main cast in Fleabag. Originally she was going to be sorted into Gryffindor because she was the main protagonist of the series and was generally a good person. However, there were good arguments made for almost all the houses until eventually we settled for Slytherin.

Thanks to Scorpius Malfoy though, we know that not everyone who gets sorted into Slytherin is a bad person and so Fleabag suited this house best. Everything she did, she did with the best of intentions (generally speaking) but she did hurt those who loved her and she could be quite selfish at times as well.

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