Why The Flashpoint Movie Shouldn't Reboot The DCEU

The new version of The Flash may make his solo movie debut in Flashpoint - but claims that the film's title means a reboot of the entire DCEU is on the way... are most likely wishful thinking. It's more than a little confusing to casual fans, or those not up to date on Flash comics in particular. But no sooner had the title been revealed in a montage of WB's coming superhero movies, fans, bloggers, that pundits raised the word as PROOF that after facing critical beatings with regularity, the DCEU was finally going to be remade - and 'right' this time.

The truth is far from that simple, and considering that the DCEU is now being shaped on the basis of individual films and creators, there are several reasons why Flashpoint is unlikely to be the same kind of reboot as the comics. And that's assuming that the actual function and meaning of the Flashpoint comic event is what some are claiming... which isn't entirely accurate, either.

So to those who like the DCEU, or simply DC Films's approach, allow us to explain why a full scale reboot in the form of one movie seems like more than a longshot.

It's an Unnecessary Change - That DC Shouldn't Make

It's worth pointing out that at this point, The Flash movie is both officially and unofficially without a writer or director, let alone one who would take the job knowing that it won't entail a contained story doing Barry Allen justice, but a universe-altering leap into complicated mythology. Before we get into the challenges of that on a fictional level, om a philosophical level, it goes against the way that DC Films has done business to this point. Boasting a creator-driven approach, the studio has allowed writers and directors to pursue their own vision - as some might argue, a level of freedom that gives creatives all the room they need to fail.

Some might see that fact alone as the very reason that DC Films should change their patterns, and adopt one closer to Marvel. In this case, allow Geoff Johns to pursue the creative vision for the universe as a whole as executive producer, and hire writers or directors to execute that vision as they wish (to a point). There's two problems with that: 1) the DCEU movies having freedom to NOT directly tie from one to the next has proven successful with Wonder Woman, and 2) Johns made his name at DC by inspiring creators to tell faithful stories that mattered to them. Johns also comes from the comic book world, where a company mandate, event, or any other restrictions on creative expression taking freedom from writers and artists is universally accepted as the WRONG way to build a universe.

Finally - avoiding the fact that a large part of this theory is arguably based on critics and pundits believing a $3 Billion series of movies is bound to reshape itself into a more popular style - there's the fact that this plan would go against DC's strategy of allowing director Patty Jenkins to tell the Wonder Woman story she always wanted to, free from shared universe pressures. With Wonder Woman a critical and box office grand slam... it's a strange time to start missing the point.

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