Flashpoint Movie Script Draft is Done; Director Search Continues

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

Warner Bros. has reportedly just received the latest draft of the script for Flashpoint, but is in no rush to find a director and move the project along. The DC Extended Universe is finally taking off as many had hoped it would, with Justice League hoping to truly expand the world. In doing so, it will be audiences' first real introduction to Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash prior to him getting a solo film of his own. But, ever since announcing he would have one, it has a difficult time actually moving forward.

So far, the Flash solo movie has lost four directors, with Chris Lord and Phil Miller leaving first, then Seth Grahame-Smith, and lastly Rick Famuyiwa. Since then the project appears to have been revamped with an adaptation of Flashpoint in mind and a directors search that has brought Robert Zemeckis to the forefront. The finalization of a director is now one step closer to happening with the script now complete.

Variety's Justin Kroll gave an update on the status of Flashpoint following news that Lord and Miller have signed on to direct an adaptation of the novel Artemis for Fox. Following their split from Han Solo, reports surfaced that they could circle back around to Flashpoint. However, according to Kroll that is unlikely to happen now (despite the studio being in no rush) considering their new project and with WB receiving the finished script yesterday from Joby Harold.

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