Flashpoint Movie Production Timeline & Villains Possibly Revealed

Unofficial details on the production timeline for DC's Flashpoint movie have emerged, along with the film's lineup of heroes, villains, and those that fall somewhere in-between. The Flash solo movie gained a pair of new directors in Spider-Man: Homecoming writers and Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein last month, and is reportedly one of Warner Bros. and DC Films' priorities (along with the Batgirl movie), after the beginning of production on Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 2 this summer.

Once scheduled for theatrical release in March 2018, Flashpoint has since gone through a change in directors (Dope filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa was originally attached), and is expected to undergo further changes as DC Films adjusts to life in a post Justice League world. With Daley and Goldstein expected to have a hand in revising the movie's script (given their own extensive writing background), certain key plot and character details may similarly change from the current Flashpoint screenplay draft.

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That Hashtag Show has a scoop concerning the production timeline and character details for Flashpoint, with the caveat that this information (from an "old and trusted source") was collected before Daley and Goldstein lined up to direct the film. According to the site, Flashpoint will indeed have a budget over $100 million and is slated to enter principal photography in London by the second half of 2018 (possibly July), with a 2020 release date target in mind.

Doctor Arthur Light from DC Comics

The Flashpoint movie will require an extensive amount of post-production to properly complete the special effects necessary to bring Barry Allen's (Ezra Miller) Speed Force powers to life. WB has all the more reason to not rush its VFX development after the CGI snafus of Justice League, which further explains why the studio is looking to start production on Flashpoint sooner rather than later.

WB and DC are currently in the process of assembling the Flashpoint movie's production crew, with an offer now out to cinematographer Jess Hall (Ghost in the Shell). Flashpoint is expected to feature evil versions of Wonder Woman and other Justice League members in the alternate timeline that Barry creates when he attempts to change the past, similar to the film's comic book source material. According to That Hashtag Show, the movie will include several other typical members of The Flash's rogues gallery too, including:

  • Eobard Thawne, who will be incorporated into the flashbacks to Barry's superhero birth in an "interesting way".
  • Caitlin Snow, who may or may not transform into Killer Frost at some point during the film.
  • Dr. Arthur Light, aka. Doctor Light, who will serve as the movie's big bad.
  • Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and Mick Rory/Heatwave, who will "complicate things" for Barry in the story.
Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher in The Flash

Based on these details, Doctor Light will serve as the main antagonist in the Flashpoint movie, with the other villains making supporting appearances only (or in Killer Frost's case, possibly not at all). The light-controlling scientist became a member of ARGUS post-DC's New 52 reboot and could gain his super-powers in the film as a result of Barry tampering with the fabric of time and reality. Of course, there could be another explanation altogether for how Doctor Light ties into Barry journey to becoming a more responsible superhero over the course of the narrative.

On the less villainous side of things, Keystone City Officer Fred Chyre and his partner Detective Jared Morillo are set to appear in Flashpoint, and will help Barry investigate the death of Jonathan Chambers (aka. Johnny Quick). It's also believed that Billy Crudup may yet reprise his role as Barry's father Henry from Justice League, with Kiersey Clemons possibly still lined up to play Iris West (though Clemons signing on for the Zorro reboot this week raises some doubts).

That Hashtag Show also believes that Ray Fisher could show up as Cyborg in the Flashpoint movie, as was the plan back when Famuyiwa was developing the project. The character was once set to get his own solo movie after Flashpoint, but the official DC Films slate has since changed, leaving his future up in the air. We will bring you more details on that subject when we have them.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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