Flashpoint Fan-Made Poster Pits Ezra Miller Against Reverse-Flash

Ezra Miller's The Flash faces off against Matthew McConaughey as Reverse-Flash in a great fan-rendered Flashpoint movie poster. While the general mixed response to Justice League continues to cast a shadow over some DCEU productions, the standalone movie for The Flash is still currently on the official Warner Bros. slate for future release. Pretty much all details are unknown at this early stage - bar Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen - but the official title of Flashpoint indicates which comic book arc it will be based on. It also heavily suggests the DC heroes and villains that will play essential roles in the movie. This has inspired some fan-art and posters, one of which provides some dream-casting and stunning imagery to excite the imagination.

The Flashpoint storyline originates from the major 2011 DC comic book crossover arc, which changed the DC universe and laid the groundwork for the New 52 transition. Barry Allen time-travels to prevent his mother's death, but the impact to the timeline and the speed force leaves him with no powers and a greatly altered world. Atlanteans and Amazons are at war and Bruce Wayne is dead. Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) is creating havoc and Batman is actually Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) in a brutal new form. The story was adapted for The Flash TV series on a much more intimate level, and the DC animated movie The Flashpoint Paradox.

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Inspired by the future movie, independent comic artist Tiago Ribeiro created a superb poster/image for a possible confrontation in the plot and posted it to Twitter. A madly grinning Reverse-Flash can be seen grasping an unconscious Batman by his cape, while holding a sparking clenched fist in the face of a horrified Flash. You can see the poster below:

Miller is clearly recognizable as the Scarlet Speedster, and although it's not immediately obvious, Ribeiro has modeled the other two characters on well-known actors who would be perfect casting. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Thomas Wayne version of Batman, which is a role with which the actor has been frequently linked, having played the 'standard' role briefly in Batman V Superman. He even teased this possibility very recently at a fan convention, and has done so before on a number of occasions. Thawne is modeled on Matthew McConaughey and looks suitably menacing in the cool design that Ribeiro has used here. McConaughey has been reportedly courted by both Marvel and DC for a number of roles, but has yet to make an appearance in either movie universe as a significant character. Online rumors and wishful thinking have indeed suggested him for the role of Reverse-Flash, and it would admittedly be inspired casting.

While the casting details and even a director are still to be announced, it's likely that the production will move forward shortly, with Miller recently making a statement to that effect. His quirky portrayal of Barry Allen was considered to be a highlight of Justice League by many, so DCEU fans will be eager to hear news of any kind, especially as it just may reset the entire DCEU. If that news happens to confirm the appointment of Morgan in the expected role, and the perfect casting of McConaughey (or someone of equal calibre) to play Thawne, then this poster might just be recreated in real life. Until then, this may be the closest we get to a Flashpoint movie poster for some time.

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Source: Tiago Ribeiro

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