Will Evil Wonder Woman Appear in Flashpoint Movie?

It's good news for Wonder Woman fans to hear Gal Gadot will return in Flashpoint - but she may actually be playing the villain, if the movie is true to the comics. It's a little hard to believe, especially given the excitement fans felt when reports claimed Ezra Miller's first solo movie in the DCEU would be teaming The Flash with Wonder Woman. The undisputed winner of the DCEU's 'Most Popular Hero' title, it only seems wise for DC Films to launch Wonder Woman's success into Justice League... and as many other DC movies as can possibly work.

But there's one problem with that plan when it comes to Flashpoint. Assuming that the movie has chosen that title with a specific plan in mind, then the role to be played by Gadot is anything but a hero. In fact, she may swiftly change from the DCEU's greatest hero to its most powerful villain. Since many will assume that's the only explanation for Wonder Woman's role in a Flashpoint movie, we're taking a closer look and seeing if it truly adds up given the rest of the DCEU plan.

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Will Wonder Woman go evil and militarily crazed in the DCEU's Flashpoint reboot? Not unless the DCEU is going to make The Flash's first movie one of their biggest ever.

The Wonder Woman of The Flashpoint Comic

Flashpoint Paradox - Wonder Woman fights Aquaman

For reason obvious to DC Comics fans but unknown to casual moviegoers, the simple fact that Comic-Con revealed the title of The Flash's solo movie to be Flashpoint was a bombshell of seismic proportions. The name was first introduced in a colossal DC event written by Geoff Johns, imagining what the DC Universe would look like if Barry Allen had never gotten superspeed, and never become The Flash. No Justice League, no Superman, and no Bruce Wayne (Thomas Wayne became a violent Batman instead). Oh, and the planet destroyed by World War III.

Specifically, a massive war between the empires of Atlantis and the Amazons, with Aquaman waging the war on one side, and Diana leading her army on the other. Without the rest of Earth's greatest heroes to bring peace, a planned wedding between Arthur and Diana was foiled by assassination, plunging the world into a war of total annihilation. The only thing that kept the planet from being completely destroyed was Barry Allen realizing the truth: that he had caused this terrible nightmare by changing the past, not one of his diabolical enemies.

In the end Barry realized this world was the result of preventing his mother's murder, thereby never throwing himself into forensics, never being struck by lighting, never becoming a hero... you get the idea. Once he tried to reset the past, the New 52 Universe was born (a reboot updating DC's heroes in an almost-the-same-but-different version of reality). Not to mention proving to fans everywhere that while Batman and Superman may get the spotlight, it's Arthur and Diana who could conquer the planet, if they were driven to it.

With word that The Flash's first solo movie has been titled Flashpoint by the studio, and with rumors that Gal Gadot will reprise her role, it seems movie audiences will learn the same lesson... right?

You Don't Make Your Best Hero a Villain

For those who know the title and premise of the comics, the inclusion of Wonder Woman is obvious. DC Films is adapting Flashpoint with the same plot, the same characters, and the same purpose: to reboot the DCEU and start over. For those who haven't responded well to Zack Snyder's style or the DCEU's more 'serious' tone, or those who despise it as if it had destroyed their world, it's a tempting line of reasoning. But as Marvel showed with Captain America: Civil War, sometimes a good comic book event title is just that, and not a strict translation from page to screen.

For starters, the very reason that Wonder Woman's role in the Flashpoint comic was that it subverted expectations. Diana is DC's truest hero, when you get right down to it - meaning the slippery slope that led her to extremism was a fascinating one for fans to see. The same was true for Aquaman, seeing him leading Atlantis against the mainland when the heart of his character is both a Human and Atlantean. It worked for the DC readership, but if movie fans and critics have shown one thing... it's that they're not interested in seeing darker, more socially and politically complicated versions of the Justice League on film.

To be honest, that's not even the BIGGEST challenge that this Flashpoint movie would face...

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