FlashForward's Intriguing Launch on ABC

-- A commanding leader - from his "throne": There is ALWAYS room for a teaspoon of humor, and this series takes that action when our new team leader/manager provides HIS perspective of his 2 minutes and 17 seconds - in a meeting* - spent on a toilet - reading a newspaper. It's informative, it leaves you with a small snicker, and - it's perfect. It's another emotion/flavor solicited during this initial episode that works.

-- Original music: I've been reviewing television and feature films for YEARS and one of the things that continues to be overlooked by audiences (though that's changing) is an effective soundtrack. Not only does it help to catapult the series, but it also often becomes a character of it's own. I'm certain that we're going to see the same thing from this FlashForward soundtrack.

-- Not remembering "my dream": The potential grasp of death for gaining speed Star Trek/Harold and Kumar actor John Cho is a great little insert. He has no memories/FlashForward contents and while it could be because he's dead on April 30th, I think it might be because he'll be Sulu in the next Star Trek Movie. It's a great dark shadow looming over him and it's more suspense that's great to have in the launch of this series.

-- A flash-forward where a daughter lives: Throwing in another curveball into the "future" for us is the realization that the sorrow-filled, currently-sober father had visions of his now very-dead brave soldier daughter. Another twist that is solid, and a question mark on the next episode and - my guess - for the series in general.

-- An admission of being with another man - in their home: While I'm almost never a fan of "soap opera drama" being inserted into programs like this one, we're able to have that offered here but with a caveat - a wife tells her current husband that - her vision was of another man that she had great intimate affection for. The problem? She doesn't know who this man is and has no intention or ill will toward her current husband. Thus, the question is postulated: What will happen between now (September) and the strange solemn end of April, 2010?

-- A Father and Daughter Together - another forward clue revealed: We see an FBI father granted an all-too familiar friendship bracelet from his daughter that is clearly a piece of future history. It's another supporting piece of the puzzle quickly put into place in this first 44-minute opener.

-- A shadowy figure in black: So everyone on the planet is out - like a light. Hundreds of surveillance videos via - the - eternal surveillance server in the sky, we see ONE DARK FIGURE in black, walking amongst those of us frozen in time. Having not paid attention to the general "hype" of the program to preserve some surprise for the series, I had no idea that they were going to introduce this element. I like it a LOT. The literal specter of someone that wasn't effected conjures a great question mark for me and makes me want to tune in again.

-- A great hour launch showcase: It's not often that you'll see an effective 44-minute launch of a television series that delivers as much as this episode has. I was engaged the entire time, I had questions presented that made me want more. Sounds like a pretty simple recipe, doesn't it? I hope this is a beacon of quality television that we'll see not only with this series, but with others presented as the fall and new year arrive.

-- Solid "FlashForward" without "spoilers" and a "guest who seems to be "LOST": I almost always shut-down my DVR'd programs before the "next episode" trailer as the end of a week's episode arrives. I do this mostly because so much seems to get so spoiled and I truly love to have some kind of "barrier" between what happens this week and next. It makes it a lot easier to provide perspective about what I've seen and I've just seen so many "next episodes", finales and more ruined by the pieces that trail the meat. This episode provides a very solid "what's to come" that - while offering details we're not yet privy to, DOESN'T spoil much of anything and even offers a glimpse at Lord of the Rings/LOST character actor, Dominic Monaghan, whom I've always liked and truly welcome in this series as well.

So what did you think? Is FlashForward establishing some of the same kind of look and feel that gives you the same satisfaction as I? Are you seeing holes that will make the new lofted series-based para sail from ABC eventually falter?

We want to know what you think in the discussion area below!

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