FlashForward's Intriguing Launch on ABC

Disaster breeds curiosity: Buildings are on fire, smoke is erupting -- from inconceivable places as far as the eye can see. Car horns and alarms light the fires of curiosity and make us wonder "what's happened?" All of these factors instantly draw us into the initial offering of FlashForward and it's great to see some true chemistry being used to drive this program.

-- Two FBI agents: Another great trait from so many other programs is sprinkled into this one. Surely you too can count how many series have become or are true staples of the television landscape? This partnership, and the actors chemistry showcased here is the beginning of something special, and it's great to be able to note it so early in the series.

-- Creepy Knowledgeable Kid Factor: "I dreamt there were no more good days..." This is a decidedly ballsy play for this series. When you insert children into the story game, it could go either way. We'll see what happens with this series as we go but there were zero glaring gooney after-effects of either of the children inserted in this initial offering.

-- Viable Gunplay: It's something so small, but for those of us familiar with guns, gun handling and more it's incredibly vital to creating the atmosphere of people that know what they're doing. The sample I'll use here is that the FBI agents showcased here, keep their index fingers outside the trigger guard of the handgun. BIG BONUS. The consultants working with the program (whoohoo! they have them!) have their game on which is a great feather in the cap.

-- Blaming those in the crosshairs: We have a blonde terrorista in this initial offering. What's her background? What perspective will she provide? Is she involved or just in the wrong place at the wrong time wearing black? It's another delicious piece of solid storytelling peppered into what is quickly turning into a tasty recipe.

-- Realization of knowing other cities are "hit": We've all postulated that "cities would be hit in the big one." Who would have ever thought that something global would happen? It's another great question asked by the writers, that creates the platform for the entire series.

-- Assuming that time jumps in a "time travel series" can't work: I love that they're going against the grain here with jumping ahead four hours to provide some great detail about what's happened worldwide, and just expect the audience to take it. We as an audience aren't stupid and it's great to see a series that gives us credit and a great un-patronizing series of "explanation scenes" in FlashForward.

-- April 29th 2010 - a new Judgment Day? This isn't only a great way for the writing staff to hopefully ensure that they've got a gig for a season, but offers up another "date" that can potentially ride the same wave as Termintor's "Judgment Day." Who can forget "August 29th" when the machines become self-aware and launch our missiles against targets in Russia? It's also a great real-time tie to the launch of the series in what we are truly anticipating - "April" in a few short months.

-- Memories engaged but nothing else: In many programs and movies like this, there is such an extensive effort to "explain how things happen and why." It's done mostly because executives think that people in general, can't possibly just accept things "as they are" and FlashForward thankfully provides things - and we accept them. We've no idea WHY the 2 minute and 17 second blackout occurred. We've no idea how all of these images are still left in our "vision" of what's to come, but we're beginning to compile the data to move forward. Period. Strong kudos to FlashForward and the powers that be for taking this route. It speaks volumes to confidence in the audience to "move forward" on their own (and bears a serious resemblance to ABC's other hit series Lost).

-- An outstanding show for fans who want to 'compile': Clearly the marketing clan/creators that made the show had the concept of participatory fans in their initial idea crosshairs when creating the program. I can guarantee that - right now - websites are being populated with information from this episode that include screenshots of the "visions", voice clips of things overheard and more. It's great to see and links directly to the gargantuan leaps we're taking in "being connected" in our lives today. Imagine all of the details that will eventually be tracked as the series continues? The disinformation factor of sites that compile details - true and otherwise. The mind reels at the cool fan-based possibilities for this program.

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