FlashForward's Intriguing Launch on ABC

A specific, untold 2 minutes and 17 seconds has been taunting future audiences for months now. Tonight, we were finally served up not only a satisfyingly short back story but a ton of future knowledge to come in ABC's new series FlashForward. The Screen Rant team is in the first row to offer you a review of what is arguably one of 2009's most anticipated Fall television openings.

The FlashForward series opener, penned by comic book movie writer David Goyer and Star Trek journeyman Brannon Braga, begins with a proverbial smorgasbord of perspective. There were familiar faces: Joseph Fiennes, John Cho (the new Sulu) and Sonya Walger (Penny from Lost).

A quiet, common suburb where a family is parting for the day.

A pier featuring a man that's lost all hope and can only see one quick, decisive path out.

A church, where a father laments the loss of his fallen daughter at a gathering of those who know addiction all too well.

A living room where two young people share intimate knowledge and feelings, albeit guilt-filled.

Two detectives capturing images of those that would do us harm, sharing details of the evening's previous commonplace details. Time seems to stand still.

An operating room scrub tub, where two women share gossip, small-talk and all-too-short prep time as they continue a new regular day.

A car chase ensues, time accelerates our sight goes white and blurry and suddenly - fevered dreamlike blackness - blistered visions of time, both past and future?

Screams begin fading into our consciousness, car alarms, frantic screams for help. We witness literal bedlam of a city ablaze, people unsure of what's going on, a torrent of death and destruction and you are center stage.

All of these perspectives, characters and more will all be collected together and form a grand new program, and I hope that you'll tune in to Screen Rant to follow along during FlashForward's first season.

I'll be reviewing this and future episodes of FlashForward in an ironic and incredibly-appropriate "stream of consciousness" format, giving you essentially what I'm thinking as the show airs. I encourage everyone to send feedback in regard to any of the points below and use this opportunity as a sounding-off point to tell we here at Screen Rant what YOU think about this season's launch, of ABC's FlashForward!

-- Outstanding effects of one of many beleaguered cities: One of the hardest tasks presented to a production designer in television shows in general, is to create reality - especially in a city. The practical effects used here in this initial offering of FlashForward are some of the best production design I've seen in a long time. For those of you that have captured the launch episode, go back and look away from the center focus of the frame and look at the level of detail achieved not just in the city scenes, but each scene. The production designer "paints the picture" of what you see in frame in every minute of the episode and Aaron Osborne has has broken out the big brushes...

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