'FlashForward' Returns To All-Time Ratings Low

Despite being one of the best episodes of the entire season, ABC’s two-hour return of FlashForward was down 10% in the ratings from the last original episode that aired in December - making it the lowest rated episode since the series began in September.

With 6.6 million people tuning in for the spring premiere, FlashForward is almost to the point where they’re garnering only half of the 12.5 million people that tuned in for the series premiere. As each subsequent episode steadily declines in the ratings, I’m not sure how much longer ABC will wait before they pull the plug on the series.

Before you decide to crucify ABC for pitting FlashForward up against the NCAA playoffs, remember this; if they would have waited another week to bring back FlashForward, it would have been up against new episodes of all the Thursday night heavy hitters.

If you read my TV status report, you saw that I gave FlashForward a 40% chance of returning. While that percentage remains the same, what will really solidify the show's fate is how 'V' fares in the ratings when it returns March 30, as both series have had their share of trouble and I honestly only see ABC keeping one of them around for a second season. And V continues to be the frontrunner.

News like this really saddens me. As I said in my review of the spring premiere, I’ve completely changed my opinion of the show from a single episode and I’d hate to see it canceled now. Especially since I started to care about it again... but nothing can be done if it continues to get low ratings - no matter good it is.

Hopefully, as the weeks progress, word will spread and there will be some kind of ratings recovery. If not, I have no doubt that FlashForward’s first season will also be its last.

What do you think can save FlashForward? Were you one of the 6.6 million people to tune in or have you given up on the series?

Tune in to FlashForward Thursday’s @ 8pm on ABC.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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