FlashForward: David S. Goyer's 5-Year Plan

ABC's upcoming new show, FlashForward, will be premiering on September 24th and it's based on the 1999 novel by Robert J. Sawyer where all of humanity passes out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  During the blackout, everyone gets a glimpse of their future, 6 months down the road.

Screen Rant's Kofi Outlaw has seen most of the premiere episode and calls it "Lost meets 24."  (I presume that means they have cell phones whose batteries never die!)

But what I didn't know was that David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, The Unborn, Ghost Rider) says he has a long-term plan for the show...

His plan includes a story that can last for 5 full seasons, yet he's not without back-up plans.  The story can be shortened to a mere 3 seasons or even lengthened beyond 5, depending on the marketability (ratings) of the show.

It's fascinating that he at least has plans... Some folk don't and it shows.

Also, if you remember, Lost's Dominic Monaghan showed up at Comic-Con to confirm his role in FlashForward. We won't see him in the pilot, but he will be showing up.  Check out the first-look at Dominic in this 15-seconds snippet:

We also have more preview videos over at Kofi's article: FlashForward Season Preview and Pilot Clip.

It's looking interesting so far and as the premiere date draws closer, I'm hoping to catch it.  My only concern is how are they going to draw this show out beyond the first season if they need to?  From what snippets I've caught out and about, I have a good suspicion how the first season ends, and I just can't see it sustaining a story beyond that.

Then again, we've been surprised in the past. PLEASE, COMMENTERS, NO SPOILERS.  If you must, put a warning at the front of your comment that it contains a spoiler if you have something to share, so those who don't want to be spoiled, will be fairly warned.

Sources: /Film, Sci Fi Wire

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