The Flash has gone from a risky spinoff show to a tearaway hit for The CW in the space of less than a season, with fans eagerly waiting to find out how the upcoming confrontation between Flash and Reverse Flash will go down – especially after last week’s revelations. There are still a lot of questions left to be answered, all while Barry Allen and friends continue to battle both new and recurring metahuman enemies in Central City.

Those who enjoyed the double crossover event of The Flash and Arrow earlier in their current seasons can also look forward to more scenes of the two teams pairing up, as Oliver Queen and some of his allies – including Ray Palmer in his shiny new A.T.O.M. suit – will soon be paying another visit to Central City.

Since Barry has already travelled through time, it’s only fair that fans of The Flash should also be allowed a glimpse into the future. The CW offered that with a two-minute sizzle reel which debuted at WonderCon 2015 over the weekend, teasing the remaining episodes of The Flash season one.

There is a lot going on in this trailer and much of its goes by in a flash, so here’s a quick breakdown of the most exciting shots. The following breakdown and speculation will contain SPOILERS for The Flash season one up to episode 17, “Tricksters.”

Reverse Flash Behind Glass

The Flash sizzle reel Reverse Flash behind glass The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells has helped to capture a lot of metahumans and put them in the Pipeline, but this shot reveals he will eventually end up there himself. Of course, those who are put in the Pipeline don’t necessarily always stay there, and Thawne has proven to be even trickier than the Pied Piper.

The Atom Lives

The Flash sizzle reel The Atom Lives The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak are among those who come to Central City, and the trailer shows Ray taking flight in his A.T.O.M. exosuit and making a successful (though clumsy) landing in the back of a van driven by the S.T.A.R. Labs team, with Cisco all too happy to give him his official superhero moniker. It’s a shame that Cisco wasn’t around when Oliver Queen first started out; we might have been able to skip his series of awkward vigilante names.

Rogues Gallery

The Flash sizzle reel Rogues Gallery The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) has repeatedly tried to up his game by allying with other bad guys, and it looks like Rainbow Raider, Weather Wizard and The Mist get a similar idea. Bear in mind that all three of these villains are currently imprisoned in the Pipeline, so the fact that they all show up together suggests there will be some kind of mass breakout – perhaps instigated by Eobard Thawne?

Queen Bee

The Flash sizzle reel Queen Bee The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Does villainous newcomer Brie Larvan A.K.A The Bug-Eyed Bandit look familiar? Behind those glasses is The Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney, who takes her villain theme all the way with honeycomb patterns on all her clothes and lines like “I’ll show you what it means to be stung!” The press release describes Brie as a metahuman, but in this clip it looks like she’s controlling her bee army using technology.

Evil Eddie

The Flash sizzle reel Evil Eddie The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Shooting his fellow cops? Fighting the Flash? It’s not just Eobard giving the Thawnes a bad name, as it looks like Detective Eddie Thawne is going to be getting up to no good as well. Worst case scenario is Eobard Thawne using his futuristic DNA-copying device to steal the identity of his “distant relative;” we don’t know yet if Eobard is a direct descendant of Eddie, and if he’s not then Eobard could kill Eddie without erasing himself from history in the process.

With the Rainbow Raider coming back, Eddie may get temporarily turned to the dark side by seeing the wrong colors – though in this clip he seems to have his emotions under control. In the realm of superheroes, a good guy doing bad tends to be due to a shapeshifter or mind control, which seems just as likely. It’s also possible, of course, that Eddie has been a bad guy all along. He does seem too good to be true.

Gorilla Grodd

The Flash sizzle reel Gorilla Grod The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

No help here,” says Central City’s resident sewer-dwelling telepathic talking gorilla Grodd. This unique metahuman has only appeared in a handful of short scenes so far and the part that he will have to play in the upcoming storyline is hard to guess. He was last seen dragging off General Wade Eiling, but Eiling himself is shown later in the trailer – alive and more or less well. Perhaps he and Grodd were able to talk through their issues.

Detectives West and Lance

The Flash sizzle reel Detectives West and Lance The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Quentin Lance takes a trip outside of his jurisdiction to help Joe dig up some old bones – but whose are they? The best guess is that they’re the remains of the original Harrison Wells, especially given the remote location that they appear to be buried in. After fifteen years, a skeleton would be all that was left of poor Dr. Wells.

Flash-on-Flash Action

The Flash sizzle reel Flash v Flash The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

No, you’re not seeing double. That’s two versions of the Flash – both wearing a red suit – fighting one another. The flashback scenes of Flash and Reverse Flash fighting around Barry’s mother showed that a version of the Flash who wore a slightly different suit than the current one, so perhaps Barry ends up fighting an older/alternate timeline version of himself.

It’s worth noting, also, that this scene is taking place in the same location where the Flash is shown fighting Eddie. Perhaps a shapeshifter with a knack for costumes as well?

Barry Allen: Love Machine

The Flash sizzle reel Barry kisses Caitlin The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

There might be a city to save, but that doesn’t mean Barry’s going to stop romancing every female character in the Arrow/Flash universe. This kiss seems a bit out of character considering the fact that Barry is still head-over-heels in love with Iris and Caitlin is devoted to Ronnie, but it’s far from the only thing in this sizzle reel that doesn’t make sense.

Generally Alive

The Flash sizzle reel General Wade Eiling The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Remember that possible mass-breakout from the Pipeline? This brief clip reveals that General Wade Eiling – after surviving his encounter with Grodd virtually unscathed – ends up at S.T.A.R. Labs and in the Pipeline, though whether he ends up in a cell himself or whether he’s just helping to release someone else remains to be seen. He is walking away from an empty cell, though.

Half a League of Heroes

The Flash sizzle reel Team Up The Flash WonderCon Trailer Breakdown: Every Twist On The Way

Cousins Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell will fight side-by-side this season as Arrow and Firestorm, and as they team up with the Atom and the Flash it seems likely the groundwork will be laid for The CW’s upcoming spinoff show, in which Firestorm (one half, at least) and the Atom are presumed to be major players. Then there’ll be the three-way crossovers to look forward to.

Got your own theories on how all the crazy stuff in this trailer will come about, and what it means for the future of The CW’s superhero universe? Share your speculation on what the context for these scenes might be in the comments.

The Flash returns April 14th @8pm on The CW.

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