The Flash: Wally West's Worst Tragedy is Still Coming

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Warning: SPOILERS for Flash Forward #2

Since DC Rebirth launched in 2016, Wally West has been put through the wringer. Right from the beginning, he had been removed from the DC Universe by Dr. Manhattan, as eventually revealed in the larger Doomsday Clock mystery. Thus his children never existed and his wife, Linda Park, did not recognize him. Even though his life seemed to be off to a clearly rough start, Flash Forward #5 is predicted to put the hero through his hardest test yet... that could absolutely shatter The Flash.

Wally's desperate attempts to get his children back have already landed him in great peril as his attempt to break the Speed Force to get them back resulted in rival Zolomon becoming the true fastest man alive. Additionally, this incident left Wally in a super human mental recovery center. There, he killed patients of the center and left a confessional video for Lois Lane.

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The Flash Forward series, however, started off as a way for Wally to redeem himself from his now dark past. Flash Forward #2 established that Jai and Iris West, his twins, are still out in the multiverse, alone on a desolate world and waiting to be saved. Flash Forward #5, set to debut in January, will further the fate of the two isolated children, but not in a way that benefits Wally.

Flash Forward 5 Comic Cover Wally Chair

As if the hero hadn't been through enough with being erased from the memory of his wife, losing his children, and accidentally killing mental recovery center patients, Issue #5 seems to put him between the rockiest of rocks and the hardest of places. Wally discovers that the dark multiverse world that Jai and Iris are trapped on is the world that is threatening existence and thus he must make the hard choice of letting go for the sake of the greater good. It's truly a test for a hero, and it comes at a time when Wally needs to prove himself as one after his actions of violence. Yet, it also comes at a time when Wally just needs something good to happen to him after losing so much already. What will happen to our conflicted hero? Here's what we know so far:

  • Release Date: January 15, 2020
  • written by SCOTT LOBDELL
  • cover by EVAN “DOC” SHANER
  • variant cover by INHYUK LEE
  • Wally West has gotten to the heart of his mission to save the Multiverse...and the heart he found was his own. When it’s discovered that the dark multiversal world that’s threatening all of existence is the world in which Wally’s children are alive, our hero must overcome his greatest fears, regrets, and anger to do what’s right. But what’s right is the hardest thing anyone would ever imagine doing...letting go.

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