Spider-Man PS4 Is Here, So Where's The Flash Video Game?

Spider Man PS4 and The Flash

Spider-Man on PS4 has arrived, and around the world fans of the Marvel hero have been swinging around New York City and finding an extremely authentic Spider-Man story to unravel. All in all, the game seems to have hit the expectations of players, particularly in the way that it has managed to successfully craft the universe of Spidey in such a painstaking manner.

That said, some gamers may be looking on at the series with a little bit of envy. The fact that the game is a PS4 exclusive may leave some gamers feeling left out, and those who use Xbox as their primary device for gaming may be wondering if any other Marvel heroes would be a good fit for a Microsoft console exclusive.

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However, the other group that could be feeling a little peeved are those who are bigger fans of DC Comics than Marvel. After all, Marvel fans also have that in-development Avengers game to look forward to. Although DC fans did have the fantastic Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady Games to enjoy across the last two console generations, not to mention the Injustice series from NetherRealm, they may be wondering exactly when another big-budget DC game is going to be announced.

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Rumors have been bubbling for some time about exactly what Rocksteady has planned next, with many expecting the developer to announce that it is working on a Superman game. This would definitely be an exciting prospect, particularly given that Superman games in the past have been hit and miss to say the least, but that’s still ignoring many of the other fantastic DC heroes that could do with a game to call their own.

Although there are plenty of options to be found here, such as Green Arrow and Wonder Woman, there’s another member of the DC Universe that could do with having a video game adaptation, and one that has often been overlooked when it comes to games: The Flash. Even though The Flash is one of the most iconic properties that DC has, there have been scant few video games based on the comic, with the core releases coming in 1991 for the Game Boy and 1993 for the Sega Master System.

What makes it even worse is that The Flash nearly had a free roam game all to itself relatively recently. Developer BottleRocket Entertainment was working with publisher Brash Entertainment on a game starring the Wally West version of the character in 2008, but the game was shelved when Brash Entertainment went out of business. Some footage of the title in-development can be seen below.

Whatever caused that game to fail, there’s a good chance that a game based on the property would work much better in this day and age. For starters, although the core gameplay could all take place in Central City, there’s no need to really restrain the player to this location as their use of powers develops over time. After all, games such as The Crew 2 and the Forza: Horizon series have shown that high-speed open worlds are feasible, so there’s nothing to stop The Flash from taking a quick trip over to Metropolis or Gotham if he so chooses, zipping across the USA along the way.

Because of this flexibility, an open world game for The Flash has the potential to be incredible. Already, Spider-Man has shown that such a thing can be a smash hit, and so surely Warner Bros. Interactive should be thinking about ways to emulate that most fast-paced, cartoonish action for themselves. After all, the grimmer, darker world of Batman: Arkham was very impressive, but adding something a little brighter to the gaming libraries of DC comic book fans would certainly be appreciated.

Whether or not it happens is another matter entirely. When a project fails, such as that cancelled BottleRocket Entertainment game, it sometimes leaves a black mark against the property as a whole. However, the idea of a game based on The Flash is one that many fans would no doubt be dreaming of. Hopefully, it’s something that could arrive at some point in the future – albeit with a development cycle kept at a slower, more careful pace than the character usually provides.

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