The Flash continues to add foes for Barry to face at a steady pace, yet thankfully has managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that typically plague a show with a ‘villain of the week’ structure. That’s in part due to the nature of the villains being introduced.

The villains The Flash puts away week after week may appear inconsequential at first, but in the grand scheme of the series almost all will eventually become some of Barry’s most notorious enemies. These would include Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, and The Trickster – collectively known in the comics as The Rogues.

When The Trickster is introduced in Episode 17 of The Flash there will be two them – James Jesse (Mark Hamill), currently serving time in Iron Heights, and Axel (Devon Graye), a copycat criminal using The Trickster name, which James Jesse won’t appreciate.

Mark Hamill on Flash as Trickster Flash Set Images Reveal Trickster Costumes & Mark Hamill

It was a bit of a shock when it was announced Hamill would be returning to role he first played on the 1990s Flash TV show, and immediately the discussion turned to what would he be wearing. Not because Flash fans are particularly fashion conscious, but because Hamill’s outfit as The Trickster in the original Flash series was so ridiculous (see above).

When we got the news that another, younger Trickster would also appear, we assumed this meant Hamill would be shown sans costume – perhaps sporting an orange jumpsuit like fellow inmate and former Flash co-star, John Wesley Shipp. Yet, judging by these new set images gathered by The Daily Mail, it seems Hamill will indeed have some of that signature Trickster flare incorporated into his outfit.


As you can see, Hamill’s outfit for The Flash has taken some cues from his more infamous attire, like the polka dot shirt and the wildly mussed hairstyle. It’s significantly toned down, however, and that’s all for the better. The ’90s outfit is seriously whacky, but it’s a great callback having his new duds reflect his past costume.

When it comes to the new Trickster, his outfit will also evoke the kooky style the character is known for. Graye’s outfit takes its cues mostly from his comic book counterpart, but it’s been roughed up a bit with something of a punk edge. Take a look for yourself at the link (via Tom + Lorenzo):


Graye’s Trickster certainly has one of the flashier costumes when it comes to The Flash TV Show’s version of The Rogues. The Pied Piper, for instance, wore a rather inconspicuous black robe, while Captain Cold and Heat Wave simply look like thugs with extraordinary artillery.

The Trickster Axel Walker in The Flash Comics Flash Set Images Reveal Trickster Costumes & Mark Hamill

With potentially two Tricksters causing trouble for The Flash, it’s unclear how much each will feature in their debut episode. Presumably, with Hamill’s Trickster locked up and reportedly helping Barry and Detective West track down Axel, there’s always a chance for his return after this episode. Though, it’ll surely be the younger Trickster who will eventually team up with the rest of The Rogues down the line.

What do think of the costumes for both versions of The Trickster? How do you expect the two to interact with The Flash? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesday nights @8pm on The CW.

Source: Daily Mail, Tom + Lorenzo

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