The Flash Meets A Country Music Metahuman in ‘Subject 9’ Trailer


- Spoilers for those not caught up on The Flash -

A country singer is in danger in "Subject 9", the next episode of The Flash TV show. It should be a time of celebration for Team Flash. Thanks to Ralph's newfound ability to shapeshift into other people, the murder charges against Barry have been dropped and he is home from Iron Heights, safe and sound. However, the party was short lived as the team realized that The Thinker is plotting something evil against the bus metahumans, one of whom is the most recent addition to their team. So instead of hailing Ralph as a hero, they all concluded that their new friend needs their protection.

And on top of keeping Ralph safe from The Thinker, there are still several unidentified metahumans from that bus who need to be found - both for protection and possibly to be stopped if they are choosing to use their powers for evil. There are no hints at who these metas are - though potentially one of them might have the ability to control fire - but it looks like Team Flash is about to identify another one before too long.

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Now The CW has released a trailer for the next episode, titled "Subject 9". From the look of things, The Thinker is narrowing in on another metahuman, a country singer. When Team Flash learns her identity, she rejects their offer of help and even uses her abilities - which are connected to her music - to attack Barry and Ralph at one point.


Because the episode is not scheduled to air until February 27 - joining several CW shows which are taking a break during the Winter Olympics - not much is known yet about this new meta or her powers. There is a villian from The Flash comic books called The Fiddler who uses their violin to channel their powers. That character is male, but it is possible that the writers decided to make The Fiddler female on the show. Or perhaps this is an original character who is similar to or even based on The Fiddler, but actually someone else entirely.

Protecting this new meta - as well as Ralph - from The Thinker is not the only problem that Barry is dealing with. Warden Wolfe may be dead, but he did know that Barry is the Flash and he did reveal to Amunet that Barry is a speedster, the type of metahuman she wants the most. It's very possible that she still has her sights set on capturing and selling Barry. And the DeVoe marriage seems to be on shaky ground as of late - though whether that is good news or bad for Team Flash remains to be seen. Barry may be out of prison, but his troubles are clearly far from over.


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The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, February 27 with "Subject 9" at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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