The Flash: Best Look Yet at Barry's Season 6 Costume

Barry Allen will get a brand-new costume in The Flash season 6, with a new official image giving fans their best look at it yet. After first debuting on the inaugural CW show, Arrow, The Flash aka Barry Allen was quickly spun off for adventures of his own. The Flash later helped produce further spinoffs such as Legends of Tomorrow and the upcoming Batwoman show. As the most consistently rated of all the current Arrowverse spinoffs, the show has comfortably run for five seasons.

The Flash season 6 looks to be an especially busy and harrowing time for Barry Allen and his team. As seen at the end of The Flash season 5, the timeline had been so drastically altered that he and Iris were forced to watch as their daughter was erased from existence. A coda for the finale also revealed that Barry's long-prophesied disappearance was now set to occur at a much earlier point in time. With Crisis on Infinite Earths confirmed as the next crossover event, and already teased in each Arrowverse season finale, season 6 will tackle that ill-fated destiny and its subsequent fallout head-on. Unlike previous crossovers that provided merely a diversion from the collective shows' main threads, Crisis of Infinite Earths is so pivotal to season 6 that showrunner Eric Wallace revealed that the season will be split up into two distinct storylines - pre-Crisis and post-Crisis.

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According to a new photo revealed exclusively by TVLine, the titular speedster will, at least, be facing the new challenges in style. Barry has had quite a few different costumes across the seasons - even without counting those worn by his villainous counterparts. Each upgrade is usually constructed by Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), who can also be seen in the image alongside Candice Patton's Iris West-Allen and Danielle Nicolet's Cecile Horton. That will likely remain the case with the new costume, which retains the white background on The Flash's emblem and looks decidedly less leather-based and more New 52-inspired than some previous iterations. It also sees the return of the chin-strap, which fans previously lamented the loss of. The full image can be checked out in the space below:

Barry Allen The Flash Season 6 Costume with Team Flash

Alongside the photo, a few new details regarding the new season was also revealed. According to Wallace, the first half of the season has been referred to as "Graphic Novel No. 1" and will pick up directly after the loss of Nora West-Allen. With that grief still hanging over proceedings and the once distant future now firmly on their doorstep, the showrunner also revealed that the members of Team Flash will cope with the revelation "in unique and sometimes tragic ways". Those themes will also tie directly into the introduction of Dr. Ramsay Rosso, a close friend of Caitlin Snow's that is destined to become the villainous Bloodwork. Played by Heroes‘ Sendhil Ramamurthy, the character will serve as the main pre-Crisis antagonist.

It remains to be seen just what new bells and whistles Cisco has added to the latest incarnation of the suit. Each season, after all, usually comes with brand-new features (such as inflation) for Barry to keep himself safe or utilize against the villains of the week (of which there will apparently be a few particular crowd-pleasing ones leading up to the crossover). Equally, it's unclear just what is transpiring in the image. The character's expressions, however, definitely imply something surprising. And with Cecile, who is a noted psychic, present alongside the team, it could be that one such nemesis is being confronted. Whatever the case, fans will no doubt be pleased that Barry's attire becomes more and more comics accurate with every step towards his destiny.

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The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, October 8 on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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