The Flash: 5 Big Questions We Have After The Season 5 Premiere

Will Team Flash Use Nora's Knowledge to Help Them?

Nora seems to have retained a lot of information from studying her family's history at The Flash Museum. This seems like it would give Team Flash a pretty big advantage when it comes to taking on villains this season. If Nora knows villains like Gridlock are, "one and done", will she know Cicada is a bigger threat? And more importantly, does she know how to defeat him?

Having someone who knows how to beat every enemy takes some suspense from the season. While the characters really aren't expected to die, it's nice to believe that the stakes are high and real danger does exist. While they probably won't be directly asking for Nora's advice, her over-eagerness and willingness to help already seem like they could be a problem.

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Did Caitlin's Father Fake His Own Death?

The Flash Season 5 Caitlin, Ralph, Cisco

Caitlin previously believed her father had died, but this episode revealed that his death certificate was signed by a man who didn't exist. Could this mean Thomas faked his own death? And if so, is it possible that his wife helped him? It could explain Dr. Tannhauser's strained relationship with her daughter and why she's kept her distance all these years. We already know Caitlin's dad will appear on an upcoming episode of The Flash this season and when he does he is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Caitlin believed she watched her father get sick and then die. Her mother grew cold and threw herself into her research as a result. Finding out all this was a lie is going to cause Caitlin quite a shock.

Maybe Thomas faked his own death because he was overcome with guilt over his daughter and the true origin of her powers. Like Caitlin, both her parents are scientists. Dr. Thomas Snow is an intelligent geneticist and Dr. Carla Tannhauser is a genius in biology and cryogenics. Chances are they had something to do with the creation of their daughter's icy powers. There are plenty of questions surrounding the Snow family and it will be good to see the show dive into them and further develop Caitlin's background.

What Other Secrets Are Hiding In S.T.A.R. Labs?

The Flash Future Star Labs Museum

One of the most surprising parts of the season 5 premiere of The Flash was the revelation that S.T.A.R Labs has a secret lounge. And apparently Joe has been sleeping there this whole time. While Nora is crashing there now, it makes you wonder what other secrets are hiding behind the laboratory's rounded walls. We already know of the Speed Lab, Cisco's workshop, the Time Vault, and the metahuman housing prison known as the Pipeline. There is plenty more that can be explored. Does it have a kitchen? Maybe a pool? Do they maybe want to install better locks? Most importantly, who cleans that giant place? And how do they afford all of that electricity?

The reveal of the S.T.A.R. Labs Lounge is just another fun way to explore what Nora knows from the future. She has an intimate knowledge of all things Flash and it will be amusing to see her put it to use throughout the season. It's nice to see that after 5 seasons, The Flash can still manage a (silly) surprise.

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The Flash season 5 continues with episode 2, "Blocked", on Tuesday, October 16th at 8 PM on the CW.

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