'The Flash': New Details on Rogue Team-ups, 'Prison Break' Reunion

'The Flash's showrunner offers new details on the origin of the Rogues, revealing that the 'Prison Break' reunion was Wentworth Miller's idea.

The Flash Prison Break Actors Reunion

Comic book fans know that superheroes are only as strong as their villains. And since The Flash tends to do battle with more than one nemesis at a time, fans have been patiently waiting as more and more members of the speedster's Rogues Gallery have been confirmed and cast for The CW's series. Yet in casting two of the most memorable Flash enemies, the showrunners also added a new element to their Arrow spin-off: a reunion of Prison Break's two leading men.

With Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and his soon-to-be ally Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) covering opposite ends of temperature-based super-crime, a few new details have arrived on just how the two actors came to be joining forces once again, with a confirmation that it's a trend Flash viewers should get used to.

Speaking with at PaleyFest, executive producer/writer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the showrunners definitely noticed the online enthusiasm over the reunion of Prison Break's leads.

But in the end, it's Wentworth Miller who deserves the credit:

"It was crazy, it was actually Wentworth's idea. There are references to Heat Wave in that first episode, and Wentworth said: 'You know, if you're looking for a Heat Wave, I'd love to work with Dominic again.'

"Right now it's only for one [episode], but we're hopeful. The Rogues are such a huge part of the Flash mythology, and I think like anything they're going to want to see how their characters progress, and change, and grow."

It seems hard to believe that either Captain Cold or Heat Wave aren't being planned as recurring villains, so chalk Kreisberg's uncertainty up to the fact that neither actor is likely signed beyond their first appearance (not shocking, given how new the series is). Of course, there are more than enough storylines to deal with in the wake of the S.T.A.R. Labs disaster to keep the writers - and cast - busy while the Rogues formalize their organization.

The Flash Captain Cold Heat Wave New 52

With DC creative boss Geoff Johns claiming that The Flash may be the most faithful DC adaptation ever, fans have been dreaming of all the villains and team-ups possible down the road. Thankfully, Kreisberg went on to explain that the joining of forces between Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold and Mick Rory a.k.a. Heat Wave is just the beginning:

"Wentworth and Dominic are our first team-up, but as more and more metahumans show up and we meet more of them, I'm sure pairing up will inevitably happen. Part of the reason they pair up in the comic books is when [The Flash] is at the top of his game he's pretty near unstoppable. And part of the reason Snart seeks out Mick is... he didn't quite win that first round, and he knows if he's going to take The Flash on again he's going to have to up his game."

"The Flash isn't just about 'The Flash'... The Rogues have had their own comic book at times, and when you get actors like Wentworth and Dominic, you don't have to be worried that the audience is going to drift, or that 'we're not hanging out with our hero.' So it really opens up some storytelling possibilities."

Besides offering a tease of what viewers can expect from the Captain Cold/Heat Wave storyline - Cold is set to debut in Episode 4, where he will apparently (gasp!) lose to The Flash - Kreisberg's comments confirm that those in charge of the show aren't newcomers to the source material. Whether viewers can expect to see Cold alongside Heat Wave in Episode 10 (when Purcell makes his debut), or if the team-up will only be teased before a full reveal is anyone's guess.

What do you make of the plan for The Flash's first Rogue team-up? Does it seem like the right way to build the Rogues' origin story over time, or is it the Prison Break actors moving to The CW's TV universe that's the real story here?

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

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