'The Flash' Extended Preview Teases Reverse-Flash

The Flash Extended Promo Teases Reverse-Flash

Fresh from his stint helping the Arrow with Captain Boomerang, Barry Allen is back home where a mysterious yellow blur is terrorizing Central City and leaving the police stumped. Horrified when he realizes it's the man who killed his mother - the man in the yellow suit, who we know better as Reverse-Flash - Barry plans to confront him, forcing a showdown between the two speedsters.

The CW has released an extended trailer for The Flash's mid-season one finale - "The Man in the Yellow Suit". Watch it above.

Most were shocked when The Flash didn't just hint at Reverse-Flash's involvement in the murder of Barry's mother, but flat out revealed his culpability in the show's premiere episode. Since then, fans have been quick to pin the true identity of the Reverse-Flash on Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) due to the irrefutable similarities between his name and Eobard Thawne - the secret identity of the Reverse-Flash in the comics.

Yet, as any viewer of the The Flash's sister-show, Arrow, can tell you - major characters from the comics aren't always who we expect them to be on TV. Part of the fun with these shows is how they play with our expectations, and that's likely just what they have planned for the reveal of Reverse-Flash's true identity.

Grant Gustin has already shared that Barry won't know who Reverse-Flash is when they do battle next week. Judging by this extended teaser, he also isn't so concerned with finding out who the man in the yellow suit is as he is in taking him down. And he's clearly letting his emotions get the better of him, likely spurred on by Reverse-Flash's admittance of guilt - something that could spell trouble for Barry and his friends.

The Flash Extended Promo Teases Reverse-Flash

As for what Reverse-Flash will be like as an adversary, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained earlier that he told the cast to react as if they, "were in the room with the alien from Alien." You can catch a glimpse of their terrified reactions in the teaser, suggesting Reverse-Flash is the toughest villain they've faced yet, and that seems wholly appropriate for a character meant to be The Flash's arch-nemesis.

How much do you think we'll learn about the identity of Reverse-Flash in The Flash mid-season finale? Do you think he's a character we've already met or someone yet to be introduced? Drop us a line in the comments below!

The Flash mid-season finale "The Man in the Yellow Suit" airs next Tuesday, 12/9 @8pm on The CW.

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