[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash TV series]

The producers of Arrow left fans reeling in the Season 3 premiere, but it looks like the biggest surprise may lie with The Flash. Just days after the show hit airwaves in its series premiere – dropping major hints at future story lines and villains – a new batch of set photos reveal a shocking twist: not only will the speedster’s arch-nemesis ‘Reverse-Flash’ make a costumed appearance in the show’s first season, but the first images have already arrived.

Those who saw the premiere of The Flash (read our review) and happened to catch a few of the more telling easter eggs embedded within it already know that Barry Allen’s nemesis – the Reverse-Flash – was essentially confirmed to play a pivotal role in Barry’s life. The only question, when taking in the rest of the premiere’s mysterious twists, was just who would be stepping into the yellow and red suit – and when.

It’s safe to say even optimistic fans weren’t expecting to see Barry trade blows with his arch-enemy in the show’s very first season, but with filming now wrapped on the Arrow/Flash crossover, it seems that’s exactly what’s planned in the immediate future:

Taking a brief moment aside from the story ramifications and shift in direction that these photos bring with them, the Reverse-Flash costume is itself a bit of a break from tradition. For starters, it appears to be stunt doubles in both suits, so those hoping to know if Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) or Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) are villains-in-waiting will have to… wait.

The suit itself is a strong adaptation of the comic book version; there was always a question of how an all-yellow skintight suit would play in live-action, and this version seems to straddle the line between Grant Gustin’s leather/fabric design and the look comic fans will recognize. The blend of black and yellow may be divisive for some, but introducing the character at all isn’t done without plenty of confidence among those taking the risks.

The reveal raises some new questions, as the ring on Reverse-Flash’s finger will fuel hardcore debates over the pros and cons of collapsible suits, and what this leather outfit means for future Flash costumes. Since Reverse-Flash is usually depicted as a time-traveling villain from the future, some might have expected his outfit to represent the futuristic, superhero look that Barry Allen will one day exhibit (in other words, the classic suit that was teased in the show’s final scene).

Hopefully the producers will be forthcoming with those details in the coming weeks, since they haven’t shied away from discussing the time travel aspects of The Flash thus far. For now, what do you think of the suit? Is the blend of leather and armor more ‘biker’ than ‘speedster’ for your taste? Or have the show’s creators got another fan-favorite character on their hands?

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW.

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Source: Grant Gustin News

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