'The Flash': First Set Photos of Reverse-Flash in Costume

The Flash TV Reverse-Flash Set Photos

[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash TV series]

The producers of Arrow left fans reeling in the Season 3 premiere, but it looks like the biggest surprise may lie with The Flash. Just days after the show hit airwaves in its series premiere - dropping major hints at future story lines and villains - a new batch of set photos reveal a shocking twist: not only will the speedster's arch-nemesis 'Reverse-Flash' make a costumed appearance in the show's first season, but the first images have already arrived.

Those who saw the premiere of The Flash (read our review) and happened to catch a few of the more telling easter eggs embedded within it already know that Barry Allen's nemesis - the Reverse-Flash - was essentially confirmed to play a pivotal role in Barry's life. The only question, when taking in the rest of the premiere's mysterious twists, was just who would be stepping into the yellow and red suit - and when.

It's safe to say even optimistic fans weren't expecting to see Barry trade blows with his arch-enemy in the show's very first season, but with filming now wrapped on the Arrow/Flash crossover, it seems that's exactly what's planned in the immediate future:

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