The Flash TV Show is Adding Null, Crucifer and Folded Man

The Flash TV show has released casting breakdowns for three new metahuman characters: Null, Crucifer and the Folded Man. The Flash season 4 has been one of the most aggressive years for introductions of new metahumans since, perhaps, season 1. Following the events of the season 4 premiere, Team Flash has been coming up against all kind of new powered antagonists, who were given their "gifts" on a Central City bus after Barry returned from the Speed Force.

These new metas have all been a part of the plan of season 4's Big Bad, The Thinker. The Thinker aka. Clifford DeVoe has been using the metas from the bus for The Flash's newest super secret supervillain plan. The Thinker has been hopping into the bodies of these metas, taking them over and absorbing their powers. The casting breakdown for the trio of new metas doesn't make it clear if they will be involved in the increasingly dour DeVoe saga. However, it would be shocking if at least one of them wasn't involved.

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The casting news comes courtesy of That Hashtag Show. The breakdowns don't make it clear when or for how long these characters appear. Chances are good that they will  pop up sooner rather than later. The breakdowns for Null, Crucifer and Folded Man are as follows:

[NULL] Female, mid 20s, African American. An accomplished jewel thief who has escaped capture for a long time. Has the ability to manipulate gravity. Sassy, but dangerous. RECURRING GUEST STAR

[CRUCIFER] The leader of the Tenth Circle, Crucifer is a scarred brute who fights Breacher (Danny Trejo). No lines.

[EDWIN/ FOLDED MAN] Male, 30s, Open Ethnicity. A hippie-type, Edwin has his life upended when he develops a power that makes him very hard to track.

On first glance the descriptions might seem generic. However, there's actually plenty to break down that could be of interest.

Null is perhaps the most interesting, mainly due to the fact that she's the only one with a recurring guest star status. Interestingly though, The Flash version of Null is radically different from the comic character of the same name. In the comics, Null, not to be confused with the relatively new villain The Null, is a very minor character. The comics' Null was not only a man but white and had no ambitions as a thief. It appears that The Flash's version will be more like Catwoman with gravity powers and there's far, far worse ways to describe or design a character. If any of these metas is set to become DeVoe's new host, Null seems the most likely.

That said, there's a very good argument to be made for Folded Man. Unlike Null, Folded Man has been a frequent adversary for The Flash (and other DC heroes) in the comics. He may not be one of the main rogues but he's terrifying and effective, when used correctly. Although the casting doesn't list him for anything other than a single episode, it would be a waste to use Folded Man as a one and done villain.

It also appears that The Flash will start telling Folded Man's story from the beginning - as opposed to Null, who it appears will be entering the show with a good handle on her powers. Though the breakdown is vague, Folded Man's powers have typically come from his suit. The suit allows him to travel through dimensions, appearing to "fold" and look 2D in a 3D space.

The Folded Man can slice people in half with his second-dimension powers

The Flash appears to be making their Folded Man more of a metahuman than a genius with a supersuit, but he still seems like a perfect antagonist for new hero The Elongated Man to face in season 4. That is, regardless of whether Edwin becomes the next host (or one of the next hosts) for Clifford DeVoe.

If there's any new meta who seems unlikely to become a pawn in The Thinker's game though, it's the last one, Crucifer. In fact, perhaps the most interesting part of Crucifer's breakdown is that it confirms that Danny Trejo will be back once more as Cisco's possible future father-in-law, Breacher. In the comics, Crucifer is a rather formidable character. He's a calculating vampire who vexed the entire Justice League, but it appears on The Flash that he'll just be a grunt for Breacher (and maybe Team Flash) to dispatch. The fact that the role has no dialogue even suggests Crucifer won't be in his chosen episode for very long.

Fans will just have to wait to see how these metas play out and if they have any connection to their comic book counterparts. The Flash has certainly never been averse to switching up canon for its own purposes, after all.

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The Flash continues Tuesday, March 6 with “Enter Flashtime” at 8 pm on The CW.

Source: THS

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