The Flash is Bringing Back Mirror Master


The Flash is one of the more popular Arrowverse shows that air on The CW. The Scarlet Speedster is currently in the midst of his third season on the network, which hosts three other DCTV series.

There have been several popular comic book villains that have made their way to the show already, including Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Savitar and Professor Zoom. The Mirror Master made his debut earlier in the third season and it looks like he's about to make his return to the show.

Actor Grey Damon, the man that played Mirror Master already in the season three episode "The Three Rogues", put up an Instagram post recently that hinted at a return for the character to The Flash before the season comes to a close:

Nice to see you again Vancouver... #WinkWink

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The reference to Vancouver is yet another hint to the fans, as that is where the show is filmed. Sam Scudder, aka the Mirror Master, wore a suit and tie during his debut appearance. The fans are hopeful that the next appearance of the Mirror Master will finally see him don a costume closer to the comics.

Scudder is an Earth-2 metahuman that was exposed to dark matter energy from the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion that created The Flash in the first place. He had been fighting with Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) when he suddenly disappeared, as the energy from the explosion hit him. It wasn't until years later that was finally able to escape the mirror that he had been trapped in, revealing that he had gained the ability to travel through mirrors, earning him the nickname of the Mirror Master. The science of Mirror Master (and science-fiction) is, of course, far more complicated.


The Mirror Master has been a villain in DC Comics since his first appearance way back in 1959. Sam Scudder was the first Mirror Master, with the second (Evan McCulloch) debuting in 1989. The original Silver Age Mirror Master is utilized in The Flash series and for good reason. The original rogue plagued The Flash in the comics for decades, until the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths multiverse event. Scudder died during the Crisis, along with Barry Allen, The Flash at the time.

The last time that the fans saw Sam Scudder he was having an encounter with what he thought was Leonard Snart, although it turns out it was just a hologram of him that The Flash used to trick him. Utilizing the concept of the real world scientific concept of the Droste effect, The Flash surrounded Scudder with mirrors, effectively trapping him. Mirror Master surrendered and was transported off to prison, where he sits with no reflective surfaces in sight. Its unknown if we're going to visit Scudder within the prison at Iron Heights, or if he'll manage to break out.


The Flash continues with “The Wrath of Savitar” on Tuesday, March 7th @8pm on The CW.

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