The Flash: First Look At Final Bus Meta Folded Man

The Folded Man can slice people in half with his second-dimension powers

On The Flash, Barry Allen and his team are beginning to finally close in on the last of the bus metahumans wanted by Clifford DeVoe to seal in his god-like powers. The final bus meta is Edwin Gauss, aka Folded Man, and now The CW has offered a sneak peek at how the character will appear on the series.

In DC Comics, Gauss is Folded Man, a genius who isn't a metahuman, but someone who is highly intelligent. He created a super suit that allows him to travel through dimensions, including the second and the fourth. He can fold himself into a two-dimensional space, but can also expand himself into a four-dimensional form. He can also open portals, giving him the ability to turn up anywhere and at any time. On the TV series, though, he is a metahuman; someone who got his powers from the bus ride that created the other bus metas wanted by DeVoe, including Ralph Dibney.

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In the new image released by The CW from The Flash, Gauss is looking a lot less like a super genius and more like a dirty hipster who really loves his Pringles. This image doesn't make him seem like the same Gauss from the comic books, but if he really is as intelligent as his comic book counterpart, he could definitely serve as an asset to Team Flash, who just can't seem to get ahead of DeVoe's brilliant mind. Team Flash recently got a win in apprehending the bus meta Null, but that won't stop DeVoe from continuing on with his dastardly plan.

The Flash's viewers got a fun Easter Egg in a recent episode thanks to the appearance of Jay and Silent Bob. That won't be the final "special appearance" of the season either, as Wentworth Miller is returning as Citizen Cold in an upcoming season 4 episode. The Flash has been officially renewed for season 5 by The CW too, so once the DeVoe story wraps up, perhaps next season will deal with what Harrison Wells is really up to (another thing that fans got a tease of in this week's episode).

It looks like Folded Man isn't the same as in the comic books, and it seems that his powers will not come from a super suit that he designed, but from the fateful bus ride that he took that created metahumans when Barry returned from the Speed Force. DeVoe's ultimate plan is still something fans are curious about, and his heartbreaking manipulation of Marlize could possibly mean that she will eventually turn against him and help The Flash and friends seal his doom. Whatever happens, it will probably be a bumpy ride.

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The Flash continues Tuesday, April 17 with 'Lose Yourself' on The CW.

Source: The CW

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