'The Flash' Fans: What To Expect From 'Firestorm's Arrival

The Powers

It's tempting to look at the effects used on Raymond so far (as well as his apparently self-named identity, "Firestorm") and assume that he has been blessed with the powers of fire, not unlike Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. In reality, fire is just one aspect of the powers granted by the nuclear disaster he took full blast. Traditionally, Firestorm has mastery over atoms themselves, able to transmute one substance to another. Example: turn lead to gold on an atomic level.

Though generally unable (or unwilling) to inflict such change on a living being or enemy, the 'atomic blasts' fired from his hands are a force to be reckoned with on their own. Those powers have been shown to grant Ronnie flight (in a memorable exit seen in the mid-season finale), but can go so far as to allow him to phase through objects entirely, vibrating his molecules to the same effect as The Flash himself.

Whether the showrunners choose to take that path or stick to fire isn't yet known, but the nuclear inferno raging from Ronnie's head and hands aren't going anywhere. And for those eager to speculate, Amell has offered some evidence that The Flash will craft its very own 'containment suit' for Ronnie once he... levels out.

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This peek behind the scenes shows that those who aren't fans of Amell's Rock of Ages look are in luck - but his new haircut isn't nearly as interesting as his coat. Like the superhero's suit, the symbols used to lock down S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator could prove telling. Any method of keeping the nuclear fire from consuming Ronnie's body (or mind) is welcome, and all things considered, it seems fitting that Cisco should fabricate such a device with an eye for style.

To be truly effective on the offensive, though, Ronnie will need the intelligence of Dr. Stein working with him. The entity known as Firestorm may have the ability to rewrite chemistry at will - but only if Dr. Stein shows Ronnie the way (Firestorm can't impact atoms unless he understands how). If anything is clear, it's that Ronnie and Dr. Stein's most trying times lie ahead of them.


What The Future Holds

Firestorm Flash Origin Story Details

We had our suspicions about The CW's long term intentions when Robbie Amell - previously the star of the network's The Tomorrow People - was cast as another young member of DC Comics's Justice League. Considering that Arrow was previously used to introduce audiences to another (charming, good-looking) leading man before he received his own standalone series, and that The CW was already "discussing" more spinoffs, speculation was downright invited.

With a strong debut and special effects polished enough to turn some casual viewer's heads, hearing rumblings of a Firestorm spinoff (or one focused on Brandon Routh's Atom, for that matter) would be less than shocking. Especially since a hero with his powers would be far better a fit to stand alongside the likes of CBS' Supergirl than his bow-favoring or speedy colleagues.

And of course, there's always the fate that awaits The Flash's Caitlin Snow - the woman who became villain 'Killer Frost' in the comic book pages. To this point, it's seemed that the series will forego that plot thread to keep Caitlin in Barry's supporting team. But we can safely assume one thing: the rest of The Flash's first season is downright guaranteed to leave us shocked at one point or another.



Firestorm CW Universe Comic

Those are the story beats, traditional elements and likely mysteries set to be explored in The Flash's introduction of Robbie Amell's Firestorm. If you have an questions or theories, be sure to raise them in the comments and we'll do our best to shed light wherever possible.


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The Flash returns to air on Tuesday, January 20 @8pm on The CW.

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