The Flash Concept Art Reveals Alchemy's Alternate Costume

The Flash's Alternate Alchemy Costume Revealed

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Flash ahead.]


This season of The Flash has already had more than its fair share of new villains so far, with key characters like The Rival and Savitar having both already appeared in season 3. However, no villain has loomed over the season quite like Alchemy - whose identity was kept a mystery up until the most recent episode of the season, and who has caused more than enough trouble for Barry Allen and his friends already. Capitalizing on Barry's "Flashpoint" mistakes, he's been able to make the differences between the current timeline and the previous ones Barry created, cause major effects on a number of the show's characters.

Alchemy's costume from the comics is rather iconic also, but like with most of the Arrowverse's take on beloved characters, the series' creative team did a fairly good job at bringing him to life on the small screen. Featuring enough similarities to the original costume from the comics to be recognizable, while also making a few changes to fit in with the series' aesthetic and budgetary restrictions, he's been yet another successful addition to The Flash's canon of villains to date.

Ahead of tonight's episode of The Flash as well, which continues this week's 4-part crossover event between it, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow, concept artist Andy Poon has revealed two new pieces of concept art from The CW series; this time focusing entirely on Alchemy. The first is an alternate costume design for the character, while the second is a closer look at his gauntlet. Take a look at the designs for yourself below:


They finally revealed the secret identity of Doctor Alchemy in the latest episode of @cwtheflash titled #killerFrost directed by @thatkevinsmith . Here's the concept illustration I worked on for costume designer Maya Mani, mask design provided by Flash's art department. Almost time for the crossover! @cwtheflash @dcnewsfeed #dralchemy #flashpoint #concept #design #illustration #costume

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Here's a closeup detailed concept design of Doctor Alchemy's gauntlet for costume designer Maya Mani. @cwtheflash @dcnewsfeed #dralchemy #flashpoint #concept #design #illustration #costume

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With this week's episode of The Flash being dedicated entirely to the 'Heroes v Aliens' crossover event, which began with last night's episode of Supergirl, it doesn't look like we'll see the return of Alchemy until the winter finale of the season next week, titled "The Present". Coincidentally enough, the episode will also feature the return of John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick, as Alchemy and Savitar act as just the latest villains to ruin Barry's holiday plans; after that role was filled by Mark Hamill's Trickster last year and the Reverse-Flash the year before that.

The Flash always manages to go all out in its holiday episodes too, which means that we may be in store for a number of unexpected twists and surprises before the show's midseason hiatus this year. After the character's reluctance to work with the God of Speed at the end of "Killer Frost" last week though, it doesn't seem like Alchemy and Savitar will be the kind of straightforward villainous duo that we've seen from The Flash or any of the Arrowverse shows before either.

Still, considering many fans were let down by Zoom's final arc last season, The Flash could certainly benefit from a change of pace with its villains also - rather than just setting Savitar up to be yet another powerful Speedster for Barry to try and take down.

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The Flash returns tonight with "Invasion!" on The CW @ 8 p.m. EST.

Source: Andy Poon

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