TV News Wrap Up: 'The Flash' Casts Barry Allen's Mom, 'Hannibal' Ratings & More

Michelle Harrison 'The Flash'

This Week in TV:

The Flash casts Michelle Harrison (Emily Owens, M.D.) as Barry Allen's mother; The CW's Supernatural spinoff, Supernatural: Tribes, adds Sean Faris (The Vampire Diaries); Hannibal's season 2 premiere scores higher ratings than its season 1 finale; and Sarah Baker (Go On) joins CBS' reboot of The Odd Couple.


The Flash continued to round out its cast this week, adding Michelle Harrison (Emily Owens, M.D.) as Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) mother.

Michelle Harrison The Flash

Harrison is set to portray Nora Allen in a guest-starring role in a show that has already landed a cast including the likes of Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order), Danielle Panabaker (The Crazies), Candice Patton (The Game) and Tom Cavanagh (Ed) - along with Barry Allen himself, Grant Gustin (Glee).

The cast has certainly elevated anticipation for the series, but so has the recent reveal of (at least part of) the Flash costume Gustin will don in the show. Considering the network has already won over many comic book fans - as well as general audiences - with Arrow, we have reason to believe The Flash could be a runaway hit too.

There is no premiere date yet for The Flash, but production on the series is already underway, so we should catch more glimpses of DC's newest on-screen hero soon.

Source: Deadline


As many may already know, The Flash isn't the only high-profile series in the works over at The CW. This week, the network showed that is also hard at work casting another notable project, Supernatural: Tribes, as it added a familiar face to CW viewers in Sean Faris (The Vampire Diaries).

Sean Faris Supernatural spinoff

In The CW's highly-anticipated spinoff to Supernatural, Faris will play Julian Durant, a handsome werewolf from a wealthy family of lycanthropes who has no love for the Hayden clan - including David, who will be portrayed by another Vampire Diaries alum, Nathaniel Buzolic. British actor Lucien Laviscount (Waterloo Road) is set to play the show's other lead, Ennis Roth.

With the series planning to explore Chicago's monster-filled underbelly, Supernatural: Tribes should feel somewhat similar to the series that spawned it, but appears to have some new tricks up its sleeve as well. The youthful cast should also bring plenty of energy and (hopefully) more good stories to the world Supernatural has established.

The CW plans to unveil Supernatural: Tribes on April 29, 2014 as a backdoor pilot during Supernatural season 9 (episode 12). Stay tuned for more details as that date approaches.

Source: Deadline


Despite earning wide-spread acclaim, NBC's Hannibal suffered from lackluster ratings at times during its first season. However, that first season has appeared to have won many skeptics over, as the show's season 2 premiere drew 3.4 million viewers, outperforming its season 1 finale.

After scoring its best rating marks since episode 3 of season 1, Hannibal appears to be on track for a stronger sophomore campaign. However, it's hard to imagine it will ever be digestible for many primetime viewers, especially considering it opened season 2 with the same deliciously dark tone, according to our own Kevin Yeoman, who writes:

"If the season 2 premiere is any indication, (Bryan) Fuller and his cast aren’t changing things up to make it more palatable to a wider audience, they’re keeping this particular fare as haute as it ever was, knowing full well that quality often starts small, and is disseminated best through word of mouth."

Hannibal returns on Friday, March 7 with ‘Sakizuki’ @10pm on NBC.

Source: TV Line


News of CBS' pilot order of Matthew Perry's The Odd Couple reboot is less than a week old, but producers are wasting no time casting the show's test episode, as they added Sarah Baker (Go On) to the project over the weekend.

Sarah Baker Odd Couple

With Perry slated to play the disorganized and often disheveled Oscar Madison - played famously by Jack Klugman in the original series - Baker will join the reboot as Madison's assistant. Considering Madison is the messier half of the titular duo, he'll certainly need some help and since Baker and Perry already a solid comedic rapport with one another from their time together on Go On, she seems like the woman for the job.

Perry hasn't had the best luck with his most recent TV ventures, but if the show can find the perfect ying to his yang in a capable Felix Unger, it should have a decent chance of recapturing some of the comedy magic Klugman and Tony Randall shared as the legendary characters.

We'll pass along the latest on The Odd Couple reboot as the project continues to develop.

Source: TV Line

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