'The Flash': First Images of Gorilla Grodd Showdown

The Flash Gorilla Grodd Fight Images

[This article contains spoilers for new episode of The Flash]

It's still nearly impossible to believe just how faithfully The Flash has adhered to its DC Comics source material - even when the villains and plot twists being adapted are hard to ever imagine in a live-action TV show. And going by the marketing for the final few episodes of the show's first season, the writers are showing no signs of stopping the momentum.

Yet even with all their previous success, Gorilla Grodd seemed like far, far too much to hope for. But as strange as it may seem, the recent trailer confirmed that Grodd - an intelligent, telepathic ape - would be showing up to throw a wrench into Barry Allen and Joe West's investigation into Harrison Wells. Now, the first images of his menacing (and potentially life-threatening) arrival are here.

Viewers got their first hint at Grodd's presence in the show's universe in the pilot episode, showing a broken cage bearing the gorilla's name in the bowels of S.T.A.R. Labs. Later episodes would confirm experiments in telepathy and mental modification were carried out on the animal,  finally revealing him to be capable of mental communication - and bearing a serious grudge - in Central City's sewers.

Now more details images of the Grodd/Flash showdown have been revealed via CBR, confirming once and for all that the showrunners are tackling the challenge of a CG gorilla head on. Take a look:


Flash Gorilla Grodd TV Show Joe West

It would finally seem that Dr. Harrison Wells' plans for the gorilla were far more important than a simple government-sponsored program. Previous trailers had shown Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) caught by Wells and subjected to Grodd's intimidation, but this is the first glimpse of the many battles between The Flash and Grodd that fans will have ever gotten in live-action.

A closer look seems to show that the Barry being throttled by Grodd is Grant Gustin's digital double, which, in itself may not be much of a hint at how much action to expect. Early on, The Flash kept digital action scenes to a minimum, or keeping Gustin's digital double out of the spotlight for an extended period of time.

The same approach taken to Grodd's shadowy attacks worked wonders, but recent episodes have shown increased confidence in the special effects' team's abilities to duplicate actual footage (with... mixed results).

[Video contains spoilers]

Far be it from us to decide whether such special effects are up to par,  or perfectly mesh with the show's live-action superpowers. Fans may not have to wait long to see if the fight being teased is a mental or physical one, with just a handful of episodes left in The Flash's freshman season. Whatever the case, we doubt that the show will finish off Grodd 'once and for all'; not only due to his fan-favorite nature, but given the evidence that he may be just as much a victim of Harrison Wells as any other cast member.

What do you think of this sneak peek at Gorilla Grodd's finished design? Will you be tuning in "Grodd Lives" on May 5 to see how the show pulls off the action? Sound off in the comments.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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