The excitement and anticipation for fans of The Flash may already be debating the likelihood of Supergirl crossover or an Atom spinoff series – but there are still heroes that have yet to complete their origin stories in The CW’s shared universe. Namely, the presumed-dead Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) who emerged with plenty of flame and spectacle in the midseason finale.

DC Comics fans know the characters roots as the superhero known as ‘Firestorm,’ with plenty of seeds planted to show the writers are sticking close to the comic origin. But as intriguing as his character’s mental state may be, it’s a superhero’s signature look that every fan wants to see. And thankfully, the wait is over – somewhat.

With the show’s talent and costumes put on display for the Winter Television Critics Association event, the means through which Raymond will bring his pyromancy under control has been teased.

UPDATE: Here’s a more Hi-Res look at the Firestorm Costume – CLICK for full size!

The Flash Firestorm Image 620x370 The Flash: First Look At Official Firestorm Costume

Have a look at the character’s ‘official’ wardrobe, courtesy of IGN‘s Eric Goldman:

There’s no question that the outfit lacks the flair of The Flash himself, but it would seem that it’s the chest device that fans should pay closest attention to. The glowing chest piece was previously teased by Amell himself, but the fact that the clothing shown above doesn’t match either that teaser image or the one shown below is telling.

Those viewers who witnessed Raymond’s powers in action know they aren’t exactly ‘heroic’ at first glance. The ability to burst into flames and project blasts isn’t quite useful without training, and if the show is taking further cues from the comics, a containment suit – or device? – may be the solution. Apparently, a device capable of being worn over nearly any article of clothing (who said the team at S.T.A.R. Labs couldn’t pair function with fashion?).

Since Robbie Amell and Victor Garber will both be playing the part of Firestorm (get an explanation on that conundrum here), it’s unclear if the chest piece is intended to solve the problem of Raymond’s powers – or his fractured mind. The good news is that knowing how the showrunners of both The Flash and Arrow have played with fan expectations and costume reveals, a more impressive ‘uniform’ is likely in the cards: if and when Ronnie adopts a super-heroic mission.

Flash TV Show Firestorm Logo Accelerator The Flash: First Look At Official Firestorm Costume

The particle accelerator’s design. alive and well in the Firestorm device.

That will obviously have to wait, but this costume tidbit is one more sign that a TV version of the Justice League is marching forward. The network has already admitted to “preliminary discussions” about potential spinoffs. Fans will want to keep that in mind once The Flash‘s first season returns, and rest assured that CW executives will be every bit as curious to see how large a workload Amell can handle.

What do you think of the direction taken with the show’s spin on a first draft of Firestorm’s suit? Do you hope to see the glowing chest piece give way to a yellow tunic like the comics, or have the costumes seen thus far given you high hopes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW.

Source: Twitter (via CBM)

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