The Flash: Firestorm Actor Robbie Amell Promises His Return

Flash Firestorm Robbie Amell Returning

The absence of Ronnie Raymond may still be felt by many a fan of The Flash (although his widow seems to be moving on just fine), but the showrunners are looking forward, not back. The most recent episode of the series showed that Professor Stein will soon need a new partner as 'The Nuclear Man,' with it also revealed that Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh) is the man for the job.

We've had our suspicions that Amell's time away from the show was only temporary (although not necessarily short), with the actor's schedule more to blame than anything. Amell has played coy about his future to this point, but now offers evidence that he's still on good terms with the production team, and a promise that fans haven't seen the last of him.

The writers showed they weren't stalling when it came to moving the Firestorm arc along without Amell, either: after he disappeared in the season two premiere, it was only one episode later that Professor Stein (Victor Garber) began to suffer from his other half's absence. Following the third episode - in which Stein painfully erupted into blue flame all by himself - was the first promo showing how Jay Jackson would be inducted into the team as the new form of the fiery hero.

Check out the promo below, if you've yet to see it:

Fans of DC Comics, or simply those Flash viewers who have kept up to date with our speculation on the show and Firestorm in particular will know that the writers have left themselves plenty of wiggle room in explaining Jay and Ronnie tagging out as Stein's other half. In truth, the 'Firestorm Matrix' that previously spanned both Stein and Ronnie's bodies has gone relatively unexplained. But what was clear was that Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein were unable to stay apart for too long; their merging was required to stave off nuclear meltdown, with the S.T.A.R. Labs Splicer allowing them to merge safely.

So if Jay Jackson is needed to restore balance, then it would follow that Ronnie really is, truly gone. Right? Amell seems to have put those fears to rest on his own Instagram account, pictured on set with Drameh, assuring fans that "Firestorm is in great hands... But I'll be back."

Flash Firestorm Actors Robbie Amell Franz Drameh

Before fans get too excited about Amell returning to the set of The Flash (specifically, the area outside of the particle accelerator within S.T.A.R. Labs), it's a safe bet that the visit is just as likely a social one. Or, perhaps less likely, a flashback sequence. And again, there's always the fact that viewers will be seeing a lot more of Earth-2, the parallel world not unlike that of the show...

It's not an official confirmation from the network or showrunners, but with no reason to think that Ronnie Raymond's mysterious disappearance would be his actual death, Amell's latest peek behind the scenes seems to erase any doubt. Now, the question lies in when, and how Ronnie will return to the show.

Are you happy to hear that Amell's (and Ronnie's) time with the show isn't over? Have any theories on what twists could bring him back to the role of Firestorm? Be sure to share your own theories in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow premieres in January 2016.

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