The Flash Adding a New Female Speedster - But Who?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash Season 4 Episode 15


Another speedster is headed to CW's The Flash, as the fastest woman alive. That's the tease dropped in the latest episode of The Flash, when Barry Allen calls upon his speedster friends to save Central City in a single second. Even a handful of speedsters from DC's TV Multiverse weren't enough to save the day, but the real bombshell of the episode was the revelation that another future Flash is incoming from Earth-3.

We don't know this new Flash's name, her origins, or her top speed. But if Jay Garrick is a man of his word, then Barry, Iris, Jesse, and the rest of Team Flash may have another ally before long. The question now becomes... which female speedster are The Flash's writers going to be adapting from DC Comics?

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The tease comes after the nuclear detonation threatening Central City is averted (thanks to Barry using that strange Season 3 finale lightning storm per Iris's directions). Jay Garrick returns looking far better than when the Speed Force drained from him during the extended "Flash Time," taking a bigger toll than most fans will hope. Enough to make Jay realize that his years as a speedster on Earth-3 were getting particularly long, and that some time off the job was long overdue. But that doesn't mean his Earth will go unprotected by a Flash.

Before Jay Garrick hangs up his metal helmet and red leather, he says he will have to train up his replacement - implying that he may have someone in mind already to promote. When asked if there is another Flash on Earth-3 that he never told them about, Jay states that "there will be... as soon as I'm done training her."

Flash Family

All present are intrigued by the addition of a new, female Flash on the parallel world, and with good reason. It's not every day that a new Flash is named, but from these words alone, fans may disagree on exactly what Jay Garrick is confirming. His words could be taken as a hint that he actually has his own sidekick or speedster ally (a Wally West or Jesse Quick of his own), whom he will finish mentoring to take his top spot. Or, they could suggest that Jay Garrick is off to find a replacement Flash to train and, presumably, award with superspeed. He has simply decided to choose a woman.

The wording isn't clear, and the first option seems like the most logical. The mythology of The Flash has been adapted, stretched, or flat-out reinvented for The CW TV show, so it's possible that Jay knows how to give his superspeed to another person permanently. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the next episode of The Flash sees Iris take Barry's speed.

It seems even less of a coincidence that shortly after Jay's comments, the mystery girl who may or may not be Barry Allen and Iris West's daughter or granddaughter returns. Could she be the speedster referred to by Jay? Could she be the woman looking to win Jay's powers? Or are they completely unrelated, and Jay Garrick's successor will soon arrive to explain the entire situation?

We'll have to wait and see... and speculate, obviously.Who do YOU think Jay Garrick will choose as the new Flash of Earth-3? A DC Comics speedster, or somebody completely new?


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Female Flash Artwork: Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis: Heroes Reborn #1

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