As the old saying goes, don’t fix what ain’t broke – clearly advice never heard by the minds behind The Flash. After delivering The CW’s biggest ratings in its first season, the writers have decided to accelerate things considerably. Not only is Barry Allen set to receive an updated costume, but his journey into the unknown at the end of the season finale is already producing results sure to excite the DC Comics fan base.

With one speeder no longer enough to satisfy the showrunners, Keiynan Lonsdale has been cast as Wally West, and Teddy Sears called upon to play Jay Garrick; the Golden Age Flash and the one-time mentor of Barry Allen in the ways of super-speedster heroics. Now the first look at Sears in costume has been revealed, recreating an iconic comic book cover that spells big things for The CW series going forward.

Before we get into the specifics, fans should take a gander at the image itself, released through the show’s official Twitter account. The image recreates the cover of “The Flash” #123 (1961), in which Barry Allen breached the line between his own Earth and the parallel reality of Earth-2, where his beloved comic book hero Jay Garrick turned out to be more than just a myth:

Take a look at the full sized image below:

The Flash TV Show Barry Jay Comic Cover The Flash: First Look at Jay Garrick Revealed

In the comics, Barry’s experimentation with his ability to vibrate through solid objects led him to shift into an entirely different parallel Earth. The story was a means to revive the Golden Age heroes that had fallen out of favor, and offer them their own updated origin stories with a much more believable science-fiction explanation. The pair teamed up to put down a handful of criminals, and the legacy of the Flashes, the Justice League alongside the Justice Society, and many more longstanding stories and bonds were formed.

The design of Jay’s costume shouldn’t be too shocking to comic fans, since it appears to be a close replica of the comic version – albeit adapted into the leather– pardon, “tri-polymer” world of The Flash and Arrow. A detailed look at the suit will hopefully be coming soon, at which point fans can debate the finer points and departures. Although we’re willing to bet that, like Barry’s suit, it’s sure to grow on fans.

The Flash Season 2 New Costume and Story The Flash: First Look at Jay Garrick Revealed

While the comics may have seen Barry pop up in an alternate reality by pure chance, fans of the show know something else may be to blame for bringing Jay Garrick into the show’s universe in season 2. Not only was the older speedster’s signature hat ejected from the Speed Force in the season finale (a cue for Eobard Thawne to make his exit), but the episode ended with Barry diving head first into the unknown.

Could the singularity/black hole/portal/wormhole in the skies above Central City seen at the episode’s close be a gateway to a parallel Earth where Jay Garrick holds the mantle of ‘The Flash’? Will he be responsible for granting Barry a brand new superpower? Only time will tell. For now, let us know what you think of the hero’s costume in the comments below.

The Flash returns for season 2 Tuesday, October 6th, at 8PM on The CW.

Source: The CW

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