The Flash Travels to the Future in New Synopsis

The Flash is on hiatus this month, but when the show returns, it's time for Barry to do some more time traveling -- all the way to 2024. This plan was hatched in 'Abra Kadabra', when Barry (Grant Gustin) realized that the only way to stop being a step behind Savitar is to get on the same timeline as the speedster villain. His plan is to travel to the future to discover Savitar's true identity, so that he can use this knowledge to stop Savitar from killing Iris (Candice Patton).

It's a complicated plan, and Barry's first major trip forward in time -- in previous seasons, he's been focused on going into the past to change his own history. From the trailer for the episode it is clear that Barry is going to meet his future self, as well as his teammates in a post-Iris world. Now, The CW has released the full synopsis for the episode, giving fans a little more information on what to expect from 'The Once And Future Flash'

TOM CAVANAGH DIRECTS; BARRY TRAVELS TO THE FUTURE TO SAVE IRIS – Barry (Grant Gustin) travels to the future to find out Savitar’s still unknown identity in the hopes of saving Iris (Candice Patton).  Upon his arrival in 2024, Barry encounters future versions of his Team Flash friends, who, following the death of Iris, have become very different people, profoundly impacted by their showdown with Savitar.  It will be up to Barry to infuse a sense of hope back into the team, as he proves to be hero his future friends have been waiting for. Meanwhile, back in 2017, the hunt for Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) continues.  Tom Cavanagh directed the episode written by Carina Adly MacKenzie (#319). Original airdate 4/25/2017.

The Flash Savitar Choking Jesse Quick

This synopsis (and the earlier trailer) seem to put paid to the fan theory that Savitar is, in fact, a Flash from the future, as future Barry is still heartbroken over Iris's death. Instead, Savitar's identity is still a mystery, although it may be revealed in this episode. The episode will also feature some scenes in the present day, as Team Flash attempts to find Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), who became Killer Frost when she was badly injured. In order to save her, the team pulled off her necklace (that keeps her power under control) so that her metahuman ability would heal her body. Unfortunately, it also allowed her Killer Frost persona to take over.

After 'The Once And Future Flash', there are only four episodes left in this season of The Flash, so it's likely that this is going to be an absolutely huge one. Whether or not Savitar's identity is finally revealed, it sounds like this episode's focus on Barry as the hopeful hero is going to be a wonderful moment for the show.

The Flash returns with “The Once and Future Flash” on Tuesday, April 25 at 8pm on The CW.

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Source: The CW

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