'The Flash': Time Travel to Be Introduced in Episode 15

The Flash Episode 15 to Have Time Travel

By all accounts, The Flash has successfully expanded the growing DC television universe and developed a tone very different than its parent show Arrow. In its first season, the new series has made some interesting choices, including an ongoing mystery surrounding Reverse-Flash and Mark Hamill's surprise reprisal of The Trickster from the 1990s The Flash series.

However, one element of Flash mythology that fans have wondered about is the character's frequent run-ins with time travel. Executive producer Greg Berlanti previously mentioned that the concept of time travel would play a significant role in season 1, and now we know exactly when it will be introduced on the show.

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg hints at what the second half of The Flash's first season will entail. Here's what he had to say:

"There’s an unexpected, accidental time travel coming up. And it is played both for hilarity and darkness. It happens in an episode we’re really excited [about] — the first Weather Wizard episode with Liam McIntyre."

The Flash TV Weather Wizard Actor Spartacus
Weather Wizard, as seen in the comics

Spartacus star Liam McIntyre marks one of several Flash villains due to show up throughout the season, and his character will reportedly appear in episode 15 on a quest to avenge his brother's death, as seen in the show's pilot episode. Logically, the Weather Wizard seems to be the ideal vehicle to introduce the concept of time travel, as his journey nicely parallels that of Barry (Grant Gustin) himself.

While this initial episode will likely focus more exclusively on a series of events taking place during a particular point in time, we do have indications that the creative team behind The Flash plans to fully take advantage of the complex device that is time travel in future episodes, even going so far as teasing trips to both the past and the future.

It's an ambitious move to bring time travel into the show as early as its freshman season, but considering the show's momentum is in full swing following its midseason finale (and its title character's backstory already largely fleshed out), it makes sense to boldly push the narrative forward into the future... and the past.

Are you looking forward to time travel on The Flash, or is it too early to bring the concept into the show? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 20 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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