Could the MCU's Flash Thompson Become Venom?


Once separated by movie realities, Spider-Man now lives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the moment, thanks to a unique shared use agreement between Sony and Disney. Meanwhile, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) just proved his staying power with the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming. As a result, Marvel can now take full advantage of their sizable if somewhat limited Spidey entourage. This also means Spider-Man's sequel and forthcoming roles in Avengers: Infinity War and beyond are secure.

Sony’s attempt to construct their own Spider-verse, however, mucks things up a bit. Despite a series of see-sawing public statements, Marvel head Kevin Feige and Spider-producer extraordinaire Amy Pascal finally clarified the continued separation. As of the moment, Sony’s villain universe and the MCU ‒ aside from (maybe) some Peter Parker interaction ‒ are two, distinct entities. A disconnected film world means favorites like Venom (played by Tom Hardy), Black Cat, or Carnage won’t likely appear in the MCU or its Phase 3-ender Avengers 4.

At the same time, Marvel does have a few possible semi-crossover options. Recently, Homecoming cast member Isabella Amara divulged that her character, Sally Avril, will drop by in Infinity War. Flash Thompson, played by Tony Revolori, already exists in-canon. In theory, he could also make an appearance in other Marvel films. That also means that Venom ‒ or at least one version of him ‒ could still darken Marvel’s doorway.

Two Distinct Venoms

While the boundaries between cinematic worlds seem pretty fixed at present, Sony and Marvel can still take advantage of their unique agreement by sharing the symbiote. Venom readers are well-aware of the many liaisons between the Klyntar suit and different Marvel characters over the years. Since Sony revealed Eddie Brock as their official Venom, he's likely a permanent fixture in their universe (at least for now). But Eddie's lost his second skin on occasion. As a result, it's not outside the realm of possibility that it could wind up in the hands of Flash Thompson.

Flash’s heroic version, Agent Venom, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #654, growing rather popular with readers. Since Flash already debuted in the MCU, setting him up on a date with a certain gooey alien wouldn’t require much effort. Depending on how Venom shakes out, Marvel and Sony could briefly separate the Klyntar from Eddie in the film world. Sony recently added Ann Weying (Brock’s ex-wife) to the cast, suggesting a possible symbiote-split – especially since Ann became She-Venom for a time. During a falling out of sorts, Venom could cut and run from Eddie and slink over to the MCU. There, he discovers Thompson. Naturally, he’ll have to split from Flash again, though, like the symbiote’s current comic story arc, if or when Eddie returns for the Venom sequel.

Of course, there is a less-complicated way to bring symbiosis to the MCU. Not long ago, Sony also confirmed Carnage for the Venom movie. This implies that, at some point, Venom will spawn his murderous heir apparent (symbiotes asexually shed their seed-spawn, by the way). Later, Carnage begat his own child, Toxin, who could easily wind up in the Marvel Universe, at least if Sony isn't willing to share Venom. A Flash-Toxin combo would be a retcon of sorts, but it could work just as well in theory. Also, Venom has a number of forcibly extracted "children." One of them, such as Phage or Scream, could also make their way to the MCU.

Presuming Sony is down with sharing the Klyntar love, then all Flash needs to do is snag his infamous partner.

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  • Avengers: Infinity War / The Avengers 3 (2018) release date: Apr 27, 2018
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