The Flash Clips Explore Thinker's Interest in Hazard

Two clips from The Flash season 4 episode 'Luck Be a Lady' explore the connection between The Thinker and luck-powered metahuman Hazard.

Clips from The Flash episode 'Luck Be a Lady' tease the origin of Hazard's powers and the villain's connection to The Thinker. The Flash has pulled from the Speed Force and the particle accelerator explosion for most of its villains in the past, but season 4 features a mysterious new set of threats to Central City. The tags for each season 4 episode so far have teased The Thinker and his plans for the Scarlet Speedster, while the last episode also set up the possibility of the Arrowverse getting its own Injustice Society.

Last week's episode, 'Mixed Signals', featured the villain Kilg%re, who wasn't present for the particle accelerator explosion, leaving Team Flash baffled as to where his meta powers came from. There are plenty of metas in the Arrowverse that weren't in Central City during that fateful event, but this season is clearly setting up the idea that Thinker is somehow responsible for creating these metas himself.  This week's installment of The Flash will put more focus on season 4's big bad, as he examines the next pawn in his grand scheme.

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The CW has now released two videos online for 'Luck be a Lady.' The first is a clip from the episode, showing The Thinker as he runs through Becky 'Hazard' Sharpe's life of chronic bad luck, before she gained her powers. It's not reveled how she gained the ability to alter luck, but it seems clear The Thinker is somehow connected. Meanwhile, a new featurette for the episode further explores both sides of Hazard, while teasing the return of Harry from Earth-2 (see the video below).

It's no big surprise to see Harry return, as the gimmick of a new Wells every season of The Flash could have gotten old. Instead, a tried and true Wells will return in season 4. Even more interesting, he will bring some bad news for Wally regarding Jesse Quick. The show has been setting up Kid Flash to leave Central City this season and it appears as though that will happen in 'Luck Be a Lady'.

When it comes to The Thinker, he seems to be moving past cold logic when it comes to his pawns. Assuming he's granting them powers, there's a certain poetry to Hazard gaining control of luck and Kilg%re becoming one with the invention that was robbed from him. While a completely calculating villain would certainly be scary, there's likely to be a hint of something human under all those wires.

Even before The Thinker steps out of the shadows, Team Flash will have their hands full with Hazard. The 'Luck Be a Lady' trailer shows how her abilities will affect the world around her, in both comedic and dangerous ways. With any luck (pardon the phrasing), The Thinker's grander scheme will begin to become clearer after the episode.

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The Flash continues tonight at 8pm with 'Luck Be a Lady' on The CW.

Source: The CW

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