The Flash: 8 Things We Learned About Godspeed

The latest evil villain on DC show The Flash has been introduced, and we learned a lot about him, especially from the most recent episode...

Godspeed made his debut in last nights episode of The Flash and fans were happy with the return of one of DC Universe comic's favorite villains. There were rumors whether Godspeed will appear in any episodes. Producers made fans happy as Godspeed had a whole episode with his name title. He is a new character in the comic world, appearing in The Flash: Rebirth #1. Godspeed is powerful as he can separate speedsters from a connection and kill a speedster.

Fans took to Twitter last night to tweet about the new villain. There were some good and bad comments. This is what we know so far about the latest character, Godspeed.

8 Who Is Godspeed?

The villain is a speedster but he is more powerful than any other speedster. Godspeed can separate speedsters from the connection they have to the speed force. While, he separates the speedsters connection he can kill a speedster. Barry Allen's power is super speed but Godspeed may be faster than Barry. Instead of using his power for good, Godspeed prefers the evil route. There's a story about Godspeed in the comic book but there's not much known about his story line in The Flash yet.

7 Godspeed's Appearance Is Accurate

In the comics, Godspeed is dressed in white armor with two headpieces on the side of a helmet. The coolest part is the lightning electrifying across his whole body. The Flash didn't alter his costume at all. Instead they stuck to the original which made fans happy. Sometimes producers want to go a different route with heroes and villains attire and fans always end up unhappy.

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In the latest episode, Godspeed had white armor, two headpieces on the side of his helmet with demonic black eyes. He even had a lighting bolt symbol on his armor chest, like the original. Godspeed's appearance is one of the most thing fans tweeted about after last night's episode. It was all positive.

6 Nora Plays A Big Part In His Story Line

In the future flashback of the most recent episode, Nora discovered a new case while working for the CSI. It involves a speedster with white lightning - Godspeed. She met Godspeed but he killed the chip her mom gave to her. The chip is how she gained her powers. The damage made her powers weak, though. Nora wants to defeat Godspeed badly that she will do anything to do it. She realized the only way is to think like a villain.

All superhero movies have a teacher which guides the heroes for their missions. The Flash went with the story line as Nora seeks guidance from Thawne to kill Godspeed. She's tried to kill Godspeed in the past but she realized speed isn't enough. Hopefully, the guidance will ensure she defeats the villain.

5 Godspeed's Real Identity

In the comic series, Godspeed's original identity is August Heart. He works with Barry and is his friend. He is struck by lightning from a Speed Force storm and helps Barry to gather a team of past criminals who are now speedsters. After awhile, he wants to use his powers in a new mission.

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Godspeed wants to judge and be a executioner due to vengeance. He wants to give up hero status and be a villain. His motives are due to his brother's death. It's still not clear how The Flash will show Godspeed's motivations for acting as villain. The main reason for Godspeed in the show may be his defeat by Nora.

4 Godspeed's Past In The Comic Book

In the comic series, the villain has a personal tie to the hero, Barry Allen. They are friends but soon become enemies. Godspeed's brother was murdered and evidence destroyed after a lightning storm. He teams up with Barry and the hero confides to Godspeed about his status. Barry is The Flash.

Godspeed turns on Barry after killing the main suspect of his brother's murder. It led him to evil and Godspeed saw he has different motives than his friend Barry. In the latest season of The Flash, will the two former friends battle good and evil against each other? Maybe Godspeed will be defeated by good!

3 A Battle Between Nora And Godspeed

If the villain returns for more episodes, there will be a battle between Nora and Godspeed. It will occur in 2049, which is Nora's time. She realizes how powerful her speedster powers are after training with Thawne. Godspeed is the first villain she defeats. Therefore, Godspeed plays a big part in the story line.

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Fans are questioning if Godspeed will return in future episodes. It seems he might because of fans reactions and Nora's main motive with the villain in the story line. It sounds like it could be a good battle in future episodes. Fans would like to see the battle acted out in an episode.

2 Godspeed's Destructive Weapon

In last night's episode, the flashback revealed Godspeed's weapon he wants to use for destruction. The Flash reveals Godspeed as Velocity-9 powered which sounds like an extremely powerful villain. Godspeed is trying to create a formula for super-speed because he wants to be the most powerful speedster. Therefore, he needs an antidote which can make him more powerful than his opponents.

Besides, Barry, Godspeed's target is Nora and during the flashback we saw how he defeated Nora with lightning. Hopefully, future episodes will reveal if Godspeed was successful with the formula but it looks like he won't be.

1 Godspeed Killed Lia

The flashback episode revealed a lot about Nora, her past, present and future. Godspeed plays a role in her past and future. The episode was titled 'Godspeed' but it was basically centered around Nora and her powers and most importantly finding out her father is The Flash. In one scene, Nora tried to defeat Godspeed with her best friend and CSI co-worker, Lia. Nora tired to keep up with Godspeed but her speed couldn't match his supersonic abilities. While Nora was down, Lia took charge but Godspeed killed her. The episode revealed his strength and villain like ways.

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