FLASH Theory: How Nora Will Create The Tornado Twins

Nora and the Speed Force in The Flash

Nora Broke Time - Will She Die To Fix It?

In the comics, Barry and Iris have twins called Dawn and Don who are born after he dies... and die before he returns to life. Although Nora's birth fits the chronology of the Tornado Twins, Eobard's mistake suggests that she's more than just their television equivalent. She's living proof of the fractured timeline, and she may have to die in order to glue the pieces back together.

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Barry's family has cycled through more timelines than Killer Frost has origin stories but some things remain immutable. As much as the murder of Nora Allen may have changed Barry's life and delayed his relationship with Iris, for example, he still ended up married to her by 2024. Other aspects of the West-Allen speedster legacy seem to be fate in the comics no matter how often the multiverse bends and shifts - chief among them is the existence of Bart Allen, the third Flash from Earth-1.

The Flash has messed with its family tree in the past, such as when they turned Ira into Joe, or Iris' nephew Wally into her brother instead, but those changes have only been made when the intermediate characters don't factor into the mythos much to begin with. Replacing Ira or removing Rudy West from the equation is very different from getting rid of one of the most popular young heroes in the world of DC. But how will they introduce Bart if his father Don doesn't exist?

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Iris West's Kids, the Tornado Twins

Enter Nora and her desperation to save her father, who as far as she knows will die or otherwise disappear several years from now. With "Crisis on Infinite Earths" looming ever nearer, she's soon to discover that he may not even make it to her due date. Thus, a multiverse-shattering opportunity has presented itself. Nora can't exist in a world where Barry has died before she is born, so wouldn't she be willing to sacrifice herself if it meant saving him? Losing their daughter in such a tragic way is sure to alter the course of Iris and Barry's lives greatly as well, perhaps even moving up the date of Iris' pregnancy and leading to yet another shift in the malleable timeline - two children instead of one.

They may name them Dawn and Don so as not to forget Nora, even if she never exists in this new world, or it may still be a Nora destined to live an entirely different life alongside her twin brother Bart. Only time will tell.

The Flash season returns with "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd" on Tuesday, March 5th at 8/7 central on the CW.

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