FLASH Theory: How Nora Will Create The Tornado Twins

Nora West-Allen's time travel mistakes have changed The Flash timeline already. Could her sacrifice mean the birth of the Tornado Twins?

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for The Flash

With The Flash currently on hiatus, there's plenty of time to ponder the implications of Nora West-Allen's "Cause and XS" shenanigans and figure out exactly what they mean for the future of the Arrowverse. Now that Eobard Thawne has revealed that his plan to supposedly save Barry extends beyond stopping Cicada, one has to wonder if this fall's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover will come into play.

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" has long been famous in the world of comics for killing off a number of popular superheroes - The Flash and Supergirl notably among them. Given that both those heroes' shows have plenty of gas left in their respective tanks, fans can expect that they will be safe this time around. But when "Elseworlds" introduced the Monitor, who features heavily in the Crisis to come, it also introduced the concept of trading one life for another when Oliver Queen made a deal to save Barry and Kara. Whether that particular choice will lead directly to the next crossover or not, another sacrifice is likely to occur very soon: Nora's.

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If there’s one thing The Flash has taught us in both comic and television form, it’s that messing with the timeline brings nothing but problems. When Barry went back to save his mother in the comics, he created Flashpoint and, in the process, erased his own children. The consequences were less dire on the show, but the result was still a lifetime of memories for his loved ones that he wasn’t actually a part of. Nora is currently in the middle of her own Flashpoint, not to mention that she just broke The Flash's time travel rules by rewinding time a grand total of 53 times in the same hour, and since she’s staying much longer the chances are that the ripples effects of her actions will be much bigger. If the time wraiths don't come to collect, the Speed Force may demand a repayment worse than Barry's sentence in his Speed Force prison at the end of season 3.

Nora Changed (Broke?) The Flash Timeline Already

The Flash Seaon 5 Premiere Review Nora Speedster

At the end of "Cause and XS," Barry channeled Jay Garrick and demonstrated via STAR Labs coffee mug that every instance of time travel creates a crack in the space-time continuum that can never quite be restored. Now that Nora's traveled far more often and recklessly than her father, there's no way The Flash won't make good on that warning. After all, we've already gotten snippets of changes to the timeline thanks to her extended visit.

The team learned back in "The Death of Vibe" that not only had Cicada's killing spree started early, but his identity had also changed from David Hersh on 36 other Earths to who they now know as Orlin Dwyer. More recently, Iris founded the Central City Citizen in "Memorabilia" with the support of her husband and daughter only to learn that she had actually started the process earlier than in the previous iterations. The West-Allen family naturally celebrated that change, failing to realize that moving up that date might also move up the date of Barry's 2024 disappearance.

But perhaps the most interesting hint regarding the changing timelines came from the 100th episode, in which a season 1-era Eobard called Nora "Dawn." He even went further upon learning of the name change, commenting that " least you still have ONE" before pointing out how weird time travel can be. A small line for casual viewers. But for those fans who know the original version of Barry and Iris' family, a major hint that Nora was a bigger change to her parents' history than she even realized...

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