FLASH Theory: Batman Beyond Easter Egg Reveals Nora Secret

Batman Beyond's Mysterious 'Yellow' Monolith

The fusion of Chinese language and characters into the future of Gotham will come as a surprise for some readers, but certainly not those that have actually watched a substantial amount of episodes of the show. Because the show's creators waste no time in making that point known to viewers. In fact, as the skyline of Neo-Gotham emerges from fog in the show's opening title sequence, one massive Chinese character is literally the first thing they see. It's so dominant in frame than if the show were screened for unfamiliar readers of standardized Chinese, one could mistake it for the actual title of the show (see above).

So, what business - presumably a major part of the story and its fictional future - does this symbol represent? We couldn't tell you. And neither will watching the show. All we do know, thanks to an extensive search of Chinese characters, is that the massive logo-like character emblazoned on this even larger structure is 黄 - spelled in romanized Mandarin as "huang." At a moment's glance, the pronunciation of the word may seem like a Mandarin approximation of the word "Wayne," and therefore a clever detail among the animators. But Bruce Wayne's company (merged with another empire) is shown to have an English name and insignia - plus huang is actually pronounced closer to the surname "Wong" than "Wayne."

The real meaning, then, must come from what the word huang actually represents. And that is where The Flash's growing connection to Batman Beyond become downright sinister for theorizing fans. Because that symbol looming over Neo-Gotham... means "yellow."

Nora Allen's Secret Tied To Reverse-Flash (Again)?

When it comes to the shared universe and altering timelines of a show like The Flash, there are things you do, and things you DON'T do. And one of the things that the writers don't get to do is make any allusion to "yellow" without fans placing it under the microscope. Not since showing a yellow blur killing Barry Allen's mother in the pilot episode, and later introducing Barry's greatest nemesis as "The Man in the Yellow Suit." In the realm of DC speedsters, the color yellow is the mark of the Devil himself - otherwise known to fans as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash.

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The pigment's legacy proved so strong in the TV show that Zoom- the villain who followed in Thawne's footsteps as the second Reverse-Flash - was given a black suit, as opposed to his yellow facsimile of Thawne's. So whether the minds guiding the newest season of The Flash have intended it or not, making so strong a connection to the future of DC's Universe now gives the opening to Beyond a new lens through which to view it (as oblivious to yellow's meaning for Flash as Nora's mention of "schway" to Terry McGinnis or Bruce Wayne). And now that "Sherloque Wells" has raised suspicions about Nora's story, this massive red-- yellow flag may be a clue to her true motivations.

The Flash Season 3 Flashpoint Eobard Thawne

After all, the future newspaper showing The Flash vanished and stayed missing for twenty-five years effectively confirms that the show's Barry Allen goes missing in a version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. And while the original report suggested Flash and Reverse-Flash took eachother out in the incident, the report from the future adds one notable detail: rumors of "Reverse Flash leading an army of 'shadow demons.'" That's certainly one way of describing the Time Wraiths who punish timeline-changers. They pursued Thawne before... but could he eventually have led them against Barry, leaving himself to become more powerful in Nora's future?

To go any further into this theory is impossible, given how sketchy and complicated Eobard Thawne's mere existence has become in the flood of time travel, reality-changing, and "time remnant" mythology. We'll leave that to the fans who, like us, suspect that Nora may have returned to save her father... so his greatest enemy can't reign unchecked in her own future.

Now, we can only wait and see if Nora Allen's motives are that personal for Barry, or another strange plot has driven her to pull her father back into existence.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW.

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