FLASH Theory: Cicada's Dagger is Secretly [Spoiler]

Warning: potential SPOILERS for The Flash

This season of The Flash has a new breed of villain in Cicada: not a Speedster or metahuman like usual, but a mysterious father with a killer dagger. But if fans read the clues dropped so far, we may know every part of Cicada's supervillain origin story already.

In the past The Flash has been forced to keep the identities or motivations of its 'big bads' a secret, since their powers and revealed-in-threats-and-monologue plans were obvious enough. But Cicada's mystery runs a bit deeper. We know what he's doing, and how he's doing it... maybe even who it's all for. The secret to this mystery seems to be locked away in his lightning-bolt shaped Dagger, but according to our theory, that weapon isn't a dagger at all. It's what makes Cicada the victim of metatech driving him to kill other metahumans... or be killed himself.

What We Know About Cicada So Far

From the moment he stepped into the world of The Flash with his glowing lightning dagger in hand, mask on his face, and the clicking sounds of a certain insect, Cicada was all show and next to no tell at all. On the one hand, that's the most straightforward villain Flash fans have had in years: a metahuman killer who wants to kill metahumans, with a strange knife that lets him negate their powers to make it possible. But no villain is ever that simple in the world of the Arrowverse. Before long, that telltale dagger started to show the ability to feed off powers, be propelled into metahuman targets, be called back to Cicada like a miniature Mjolnir, and even propel him into the sky.

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As for the villain himself, glimpses into his backstory showed his apprehension at killing a father... because he is one too, although the visit to his daughter in hospital didn't reveal much about her condition. But one detail in those scenes did drop a major hint - at least, that's what our theory supposes. The chain of clues that explain Cicada's mission is a long one, and speculation on our part (for now). But it all starts with that "dagger" Cicada is using to cull the metahumans of Central City.

Cicada's Dagger Isn't a Dagger At All

The effects and function of Cicada's dagger has had us suspicious from the start, but it wasn't until Episode 4 of The Flash Season 5 that the truth behind it seemed to become clear. In the episode, Team Flash went out in search of a metahuman able to blur the line between the digital and the real worlds. When they eventually tracked down the culprit, she turned out to be using a completely different kind of power. In fact, she wasn't the metahuman threat at all - it was her phone that was possessed of reality-bending abilities.

And just that quickly, the idea of "Metatech" was born, theorizing that pieces of technology could have been charged with the same dark matter (read: comic book magic) powers as the original metahumans transformed by the particle accelerator explosion. If true, that meant any normal person could wield a piece of metatech and appear to be as powerful as a full-blown metahuman. But what if the "tech" didn't need to be a digital device to work the same way? What if a dark-matter-charged object ended up in someone's hands, and craved other dark matter to feed upon? Either that, or it had no choice but to feed on the very person it sliced into when the dark matter explosion transformed it into a superweapon? Because that seems to be exactly what Cicada is up against.

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