The Flash/Supergirl: Darren Criss Wraps Filming As Music Meister

Darren Criss Music Meister

The CW's Arrowverse is back in full swing, and fans of the multi-series universe have plenty to look forward to in the second half of this season. There's a new Black Canary in Arrow, fan favorite villain Gorilla Grodd is returning to The Flash, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) is coming back to Legends of Tomorrow, and more Green Lantern easter eggs have fans speculating (again) that another show may be joining this universe. If all that wasn't enough, fans are finally getting something that they've been after since the beginning - a musical crossover episode. The crossover will bring together The Flash and Supergirl, not for the first time, in a two-part episode airing next month.

We don't know a whole lot about what to expect from this special crossover event, but we do know that the cause of all the superhero singing and dancing will be the Music Meister, a Batman villain who uses song to control the minds of his targets. The Meister will be played by Darren Criss, who posted on social media today to tell fans that he has wrapped on the musical episodes.

Criss posted a short video on Instagram today, showing him out of costume leaving his trailer on the set. As he leaves, Criss reveals his trailer door with a "Music Meister" sign and says, "Well, my friends, I guess that is a wrap on... whoever that is." The video is captioned with a music emoji and @cwtheflash. Take a look:

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Criss has posted several photos to Instagram in recent weeks, showing the actor with various stars from the Arrowverse family, many of whom he already knows. The actor has previously worked with both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist on Glee - another series that let the actors' singing talents shine.

This cute little video is a great way for Criss to interact with fans, and keeps us updated on how far ahead of release episodes are filmed. The musical episode is set to air the week of March 20th, giving The CW a full month between wrapping production and airing the episodes. We love to see actors taking advantage of social media, as well - although the images and videos shared rarely give away any important details about upcoming episodes, we always enjoy seeing the magic being made.

Of course, this shot tells us nothing new, so fans who may have been hoping for more hints at how the Music Meister will come to Central City (or, potentially, National City, although the presence of Legends of Tomorrow stars suggests that is unlikely) will be disappointed. This also means that we may not hear anything more about this double episode until much closer to the time of its airing - and a month may feel like too long to wait for fans who have been hoping for some musical fun since season 1.

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Supergirl continues Monday February 20 with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk’ at 8pm on The CW. The Flash continues Tuesday, February 21 with 'Attack on Gorilla City' at 8 pm on The CW.

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