The Flash Set Photos May Offer First Look at Savitar

The Flash Savitar

The Flash television series is already racing through a third season, having far surpassed its 1990 predecessor, which unfortunately ran for only one season. This season is giving fans some great new villains and takes on the characters, courtesy of the effects of the season two timeline ripple.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting to see how long it will take The Flash to allow the big bad boss of the season, Savitar, to emerge. New set images have emerged online that may give us the first spoiler-filled look at Savitar.

The Hollywood North Buzz recently posted some set photos, snapped in Victory Square in the heart of Vancouver, showing a mammoth-sized character in a black motion-capture suit. While it's possible that the character could be another over-sized metahuman, like Grodd, the popular theory is that the man in the suit is Savitar. The imposing actor shown in the images has at least a foot on The Flash (Grant Gustin). Barry Allen has already had to deal with an extended stable of major DC Comics villains in the series, from Zoom, Reverse Flash, The Rival and Alchemy. Now, Barry is about to have his hands full with "the god of motion" himself, Savitar.

#Spoiler: Imagens das gravações de The Flash, algumas pessoas acreditam que o personagem em captura de movimento possa ser Savitar ou Grodd

— The Flash Brasil (@TheFlashBR) November 13, 2016


Savitar got his start in DC Comics back in 1995, in the pages of The Flash, Volume 2, #108. The baddie was first created by comic book talents Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez. The character's real name is unknown. We do know that he was once a Cold War-era fighter pilot. One fateful day he was testing a new supersonic jet, but things went terribly wrong when a bolt of lightning struck his plane, providing him to the power of super-speed. He soon became obsessed with his newly discovered powers and named himself Savitar, as an homage to the Hindu god of motion.

Things began to go wrong when Savitar found that he not only had the power of super speed, but that he could actually immerse himself in a null-intertia force field, disperse his speed powers to other objects, both animate and inanimate. His powers also included increased stamina, agility, durability and reflexes and he even had healing powers. Savitar can absorb the speed force and create a vortex, as a speed force conduit. He even took the power of the speed force and gave it to his own personal army of ninjas. This combination proved to be too intoxicating for Savitar and he soon began a life of crime. He has faced The Flash, as well as other speedsters, from Johnny Quick, Max Mercury and Impulse. In the comics Savitar met his end at the hands of Barry Allen, when he found his way out of the speed force in The Flash: Rebirth #1 in 2009.

The Flash returns on November 15 with ‘Shade’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: Hollywood North Buzz

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