The Flash Set Photos Offer New Look at Nora West-Allen's Superhero Suit

Ahead of The Flash season 5, photos have begun popping up on Twitter revealing more of newcomer Nora Allen's speedster suit. Played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, Nora is Barry and Iris's daughter from the future. She appeared occasionally during the fourth season around Central City, though little was known about her other than her obvious fascination with them.

Then in the season-ender she finally revealed herself, first by helping Barry stop a massive explosion at super speed, and then showing up on his front door with a doozy of an introduction. Not only was she his time-traveling, super-powered daughter, but she needed his help with some big undisclosed problem she'd caused. Over the break, Kennedy was upped to series regular, and we've been learning a little more about the character.

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Thanks to Twitter users YVRShoots and Suffering Sappho, fans now have detailed pictures of Nora's new costume, and it should look very familiar to a particular set of comic book readers. Eschewing the red-and-yellow that most of the other speedsters have worn, Nora's uniform is a blue and white ensemble with a unique lightning bolt and comet symbol front and center. The mask and some of the styling is different, but it's a dead ringer for XS, a character from the late-90s incarnation of The Legion of Super-heroes.

In that series, set in the 31st century, XS was Jenni Ognats, Barry and Iris's granddaughter from when they spent some time in the future (that's a long story in itself). While her cousin Bart was sent back in time due to an accelerated aging issue and became the hero Impulse (who only recently reappeared in DC's Rebirth era), Jenni joined the Legion to become a respected superhero in her own right. She even made it back in time on one occasion to reconnect with Bart and finally meet grandpa Barry.

Some fans had speculated that season 4's "mystery girl" would actually be Jenni, but changing the character to Nora allows the show to draw a more direct connection to the Flash. While Supergirl has had some mixed success with introducing Mon-El and other members of the Legion, it's easy to see why the showrunners on The Flash would just as soon avoid that level of complication.

Even though the character is no longer a Legionnaire, she's keeping the name XS and the time travel element, which could have lasting repercussions on the Flash's future. It provides plenty of story and character material to work with, as Flash and company have to face not only another time-related problem, but issues of family and legacy as well. If they're as careful and detailed with the overall character as they clearly have been with the costume, viewers should be in for a wild ride.

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Source: YVRShoots; Suffering Sapho

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