The Flash Set Photos: Kid Flash, Vibe & Barry Meet New Meta

The Flash Season 3 Untouchable Barry Wally

We're just over halfway through the third season of The Flash, and this week, everyone is excited to see the return of Gorilla Grodd in the upcoming 'Attack on Gorilla City'. The massive, telepathic ape will be returning to our screens alongside his comic book nemesis, Solovar, and we cannot wait to see this fan favorite back in the Arrowverse. Exciting as this is, however, Grodd isn't likely to be sticking around after his two-episode arc is over, and we're already looking ahead to what might be next as Team Flash gears up to take on Savitar.

Now, a couple of new set photos have emerged on Twitter, and they might just be revealing a little bit more about how the speedster team is going to beat Savitar, the evil God of Speed.

Earlier today, @yvrshoots, a Twitter account that posts photos of film sets taken in and around Vancouver, posted two new images of an action scene for an upcoming episode of The Flash. The images show Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and an unknown character standing on top of a car, and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) nearby with Vibe (Carlos Valdes). The second image shows Barry and the unknown person locked together as they fall off the car, with FX sparks going off. Another tweet (from @aylaw09) to @yvrshoots shows a photo of Kevin Smith on the set of The Flash today as well - although he is currently in town shooting Supergirl, so we can assume he was just visiting.

#TheFlash stunt.

In Downtown Vancouver.

— (@yvrshoots) February 17, 2017

Looks like @ThatKevinSmith is in town to direct @CW_TheFlash today! #TheFlash @yvrshoots

— Alice Law (@aylaw09) February 17, 2017

Both Barry and Wally are unmistakable in costume, (although the two men on top of the car are clearly stunt doubles, rather than the actors themselves. We previously saw Vibe's new comic-style costume in 'Dead or Alive', so although we only see him from the back here, it is clear that the second man on the ground is indeed Cisco. The character standing on top of the car with Barry has dark clothing and white hair, and doesn't seem to match any of the characters that we have seen on the show so far.

The most likely possibility is that this new meta is Max Mercury - another speedster from the DC vault. Max was the first human to ever tap into the Speed Force, a friend of Jay Garrick, and is a mentor to both Wally West and Bart Allen in the comics. He also has white hair, although he usually wears a blue and white costume, rather than the black that this character is seen in. It is exciting to think that this incredible character may be joining Team Flash this season, and potentially training Barry and Wally to reach their full potential as speedsters - and to beat Savitar!

Of course, there is no confirmation that this is, in fact, Max Mercury. It is possible that this scene does not show a training sequence, but a fight between Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe, and a new metahuman villain. Max Mercury is far from the only white-haired character in the DC universe, and without the distinctive costume, it's impossible to know exactly who this is. However, we love these sneak peeks at upcoming episodes, and can't wait for official confirmation of who, exactly, this is.

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The Flash continues Tuesday, February 21 with ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Hollywood North Buzz

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