The Flash Season 6 Full Trailer Sets Up Crisis on Infinite Earths

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash Season 5 Episode 17

The Flash season 6 has received an extended trailer showing Barry Allen preparing for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Premiering next week, The Flash is returning with a new costume, villain, and more.

Although each of the Arrowverse shows will be contributing to Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Flash is arguably at the forefront. The crossover technically has been in the works since season 1, with the mysterious "Flash vanishes, missing in Crisis" newspaper. Barry has undergone a lot of development since then, growing into his hero role and helping save the world more than once. Although the Crisis is on everyone's mind, there are a few other things happening in season 6, such as Barry maybe turning into Negative Flash, and seemingly the return of Godspeed at some point. Still, Crisis on Infinite Earths is getting all the discussion, and the full trailer is all about the event.

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The CW has released the full trailer for The Flash season 6, promising an emotional ride to Crisis on Infinite Earths. This trailer is an extended version of the one released last week, and features plenty of new footage. Check it out below.

One of the most notable lines from the trailer is Barry saying he might have to prepare the team for "a world without the Flash."  The trailer highlights that Barry sees different futures, and deaths into the billions. Barry is entering into the Crisis with this somber knowledge in mind. Elsewhere, viewers are given the first footage of Barry interacting with Bloodwork, and Killer Frost's new costume. Although the tone is somber, the trailer does feature the show's signature sense of hope when Barry answers Bloodwork's question of where the hero gets his power.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to be an emotional event for Barry. In the comic book storyline, Barry met his demise and Wally West became the primary Flash for a time. Although this doesn't seem likely to happen for the television adaption, it's also very hard to say how things will play out and the effects the Crisis will have on the rest of the season. Although the trailer features a lot of different scenes, there is still an element of mystery surrounding the season. Not much has been revealed about the new Harrison Wells, or what's going on with Jay Garrick's helmet being passed. It would not be a stretch to say The Flash season 6 is going to be the grandest yet.

The Flash season 6 premieres October 8 on The CW.

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