The Flash Finds Its Sue Dearbon In Natalie Dreyfuss

The Flash casts Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue Dearbon, the mysterious socialite Ralph Dibny has been searching for and eventually marries in the comics.

The Flash Ralph Dibny Sue Dearbon

The wait's over for fans of The Flash as the show finally casts Ralph Dibny's future wife, Sue Dearbon, who eventually goes by the name Sue Dibny. A spinoff of flagship series Arrow, The Flash premiered in 2014, though Ralph/The Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) didn't join Team Flash until season 4. In the comics, Ralph and Sue's relationship is known for being drama-free, making it a fan favorite. The two meet when Ralph crashes Sue's ball, leading them to fall in love and get married soon after. Though Sue doesn't have any powers, she supports Ralph in his superhero adventures. Unfortunately, Sue dies in 2004's Identity Crisis, though she eventually reunites with Ralph in the afterlife.

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The Flash first mentioned Sue in the season 5 finale, when Ralph, who's also a private investigator, was shown reading her case file. In the season 6 premiere, Ralph reveals Sue is a missing person he's been trying to find in Opal City. In the comics, Ralph and Sue eventually call Opal City home. Ralph temporarily gives up his search for Sue after hearing about Barry Allen's impending death in Crisis on Infinite Earths but eventually picks the case back up again. The Flash last showed Ralph hearing about a lead in Midway City.

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Per TVLine, Natalie Dreyfuss will recur as Sue this season on The Flash. No stranger to The CW, Dreyfuss previously guest-starred on The Originals for six episodes. The Flash seems to be offering a similar take on Sue as the comics did, as she's called "the daughter to one of Central City’s most wealthy families." She also has "a fierce intelligence and a spitfire personality," making her a good match for Ralph. The Flash will also play with assumptions about her character, as "there’s much more to Sue than just the socialite reputation that always precedes her." Ralph will meet Sue Dearbon face-to-face later this season.

Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny The Flash season 5 episode 13

However, before the future love birds meet, Ralph and the rest of Team Flash have to deal with Crisis on Infinite Earths and Barry's predicted death during it. Airing across 5 episodes this December and January, the crossover will focus on characters from the extended Arrowverse banding together to stop the god-like Anti-Monitor from destroying the multiverse. Though Barry and fellow superhero Oliver Queen have accepted they'll die during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry's friends, including Ralph, are hopeful they may find a way to stop it.

Since Sue is such a big part of Ralph's story in the comics, it's no surprise that The Flash is bringing her in now. Though the show initially introduced Ralph as a serial womanizer, he's since moved past that thanks to help from his friends. Now that fans have come around to his character, it's the perfect time to add Sue to the mix. Ralph and Sue may not share the same quick romance from the comics, but fans of The Flash should still be excited to see Sue Dearbon finally brought to life.

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Source: TVLine

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