The Flash Season 6 Starts Filming

With a few more months to go before the premiere date, The Flash season 6 officially began filming today. Cast members of the CW series have shared sneak peeks from table reads and other prep work in the last week, getting fans excited for things to come. Between gearing up for the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, introducing a new scientist, and adjusting to a new showrunner, there's a lot to look forward to.

After their daughter's disappearance in the season 5 finale, The Flash is going to have to deal with Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry's (Grant Gustin) loss. Not only that, they're guaranteed to have questions about the infamous newspaper signaling Barry's imminent disappearance. But amid the pain and uncertainty of when or if Barry will die in "Crisis," or even whether Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will still work at STAR Labs, there's one character that's definitely excited and ready to return.

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Hartley Sawyer, who plays the part time PI and full-time superhero Ralph Dibny, took to Instagram yesterday to update fans on The Flash's status. "Season Six Filming Kickoff Tomorrow," he wrote. "I’ve been here in this position for 79 days feeding on radiation from the Earth’s core in order to gather my strength." Clearly Sawyer's as much of a jokester as his character, and just as excited to take on new challenges by Barry's side.

Though the picture he chose for his post is old, from before the Elongated Man received his very own super suit, there's plenty of new material in store for him. In fact, The Flash ended last season with a tease that Ralph might be finding love soon. After all, the case file he picked up read "Dearborn," which is the maiden name of his comic book wife. Not every relationship from the comics translates to the television series, but Ralph and Sue Dibny are nearly as iconic as Barry and Iris are - and their history is just as long. With all the growth he's seen in the last two seasons, it's about time that he proved he can be in a serious relationship.

Though his character may have the brightest future ahead of him, Hartley Sawyer's not the only cast member who's been displaying enthusiasm for the new season online. The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, recently commemorated his costar Candice Patton's birthday by shaving off his beard for the show. While little is known about the upcoming storyline, not even the villain, the behind-the-scenes previews from the actors paint a positive picture for those hoping to see their favorite speedster run towards a new direction this year. If the show's momentum is anywhere as lively as the cast's posts have been lately, season 6 is sure to be a memorable one.

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The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, October 8 on The CW.

Source: Hartley Sawyer/Instagram

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