The Flash Will Change Showrunners Ahead of Season 6

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Big changes are coming for The Flash in season 6, chief among them being that current showrunner Todd Helbing will be stepping down and Eric Wallace will be taking his place. Helbing has been the sole showrunner since Andrew Kreisberg was fired two years ago, and Wallace joined the DC Comics series in season 4 before serving as an executive producer the following year.

Helbing has been a part of The Flash family since the pilot, but his previous credits include the highly acclaimed Black Sails and Spartacus. Wallace, meanwhile, was a producer on the beloved and iconic Teen Wolf before his move to The CW. While the Scarlet Speedster will not be left in unfamiliar hands, it is yet another shake-up to the DCTV universe following the announcement of Arrow's final 10-episode season.

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Variety reported that Helbing's departure is due to his overall deal with Warner Bros. Television, which means he will be developing new projects while The Flash continues its run. Greg Berlanti, overseer of what is sometimes affectionately dubbed the "Berlantiverse," was full of warm words for his colleague. “From his first day on The Flash, Todd Helbing has been a leader on the show, beloved by the cast and crew for his exceptional talent, vision and wonderful attitude,” the series executive producer said. “We are all sad to see him go, but we will all be better for the many shows he will no doubt create and run in the future.

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He was equally effusive about the future showrunner, as well. “Eric Wallace has proven his own exceptional talent and voice since season four, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch how he shapes the future of Team Flash and the many thrilling adventures that lay ahead for our characters and dedicated fans,” Berlanti said. For fans who may not be aware, Wallace has several writing credits to his name in addition to his title of executive producer: "The Flash Reborn," "Therefore I Am," "Run Iris Run" and "Elseworlds Part 1" to name a few.

The last two seasons of the show has received mixed reactions, so perhaps a change in command is for the best. Similar to Arrow's showrunner shift between seasons, Wallace has a chance to infuse Barry Allen's story with a fresh perspective while also not alienating the core audience. Having already been in the writers' room for a few years, he is familiar with the characters and the world of Central City and now has the opportunity to make his own mark on the West-Allen family legacy. On the other hand, Helbing will be free to build new worlds with renewed passion, just a Berlanti said.

Of course, change of any kind is always scary. But as long as The Flash is run by those who respect the importance of fans' favorite speedsters, as well as the civilians who inspire them, then they can't be led too far astray.

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The Flash season 5 currently airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Variety

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